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Here are zimmers that others looked for to and that might interest you:

The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
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Ahuzat Van Gogh - Van Gogh Estate

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
A magnificent, luxurious, romantic work of art...
It's very easy to find superlatives to describe Ahuzat Van Gogh on Kfar Vradim: Splendor, opulence, daring, revolutionary design, exclusive, sophisticated taste, original, refreshing style - and it is all true. But perha... More >

Muskat - a luxurious resort experience

Lower Galilee - Shadmot Dvora
The perfect holiday experience, with one-of-a-kind hospitality
Forget everything you know about the culture of vacation rentals in Israel.  Visitor don't frequent Muskat for the banal vacation of a "vacation rental in the Galilee".  They frequent Muskat for the perfect experience th... More >

Tamar VeGefen

Western Galilee - Mitzpe Hila
To feel intoxicated from love, nature and the nearby winery
Here, in a magnificent complex containing three beautiful, stylish suites in a Mediterranean Sea atmosphere, wrapped in sweet memories of Italy, guests will become intoxicated from love, as well as wine.  The family... More >
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The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
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Biktot Talia - Talia Cabins

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Biktot Talia in Rosh Pina…Hospitality in a holistic atmosphere…
The suites at Biktot Talia were designed, first of all, to bring serenity to their guests.  This is expertly accomplished with the intimate design, the beautiful suites, the clean, elegant lines and the atmosphere.  But ... More >


Western Galilee - Mitzpe Hila
When your entire experience adds up to more than the individual components
Without a doubt, Marquise is an excellent example of creative, fascinating design that will captivate your mind.  This spot is a true art creation.  The style is eclectic, free, with every design element making... More >
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Gad's Estate

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
Full privacy, a private pool, the perfect view, and hospitality culture at its best
Gadi fulfilled his vision of Gad's Estate in the most perfect of manners - without compromises and with a great deal of effort, creativity and love.  The results speak for themselves:  two large stone cotta... More >
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Spa bemorad Hahar - the spa on the mountainside

Western Galilee - Even Menachem
When pastoral beauty turns from mere words into reality....
The Morad Hahar Sap on Moshav Even Menahem has been blessed with the nostaligic atmosphere of old-fashioned vacation rentals.  This enchanting, luxurious B&B vacation rental, soaked in nature,  brings us back to our ... More >

Magical Sun - Luxurious Suites and Estate

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
A private, romantic suite facing an enchanting view - a luxurious estate with swimming pool and loads of facilities
The term "magical sun" is perfect to describe the warm, caressing character of these two suites, distant from each other but both offering a variety of vacation solutions.  The secluded cabins are perfect ... More >
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Ahuzat Sara - Sara's Estate

Upper Galilee - Kerem Ben Zimra
What makes a luxurious B&B vacation rental with a swimming pool an extraordinary vacation spot?
Sara and Yaakov have an enchanting B&B vacation rental with 5 suites, surrounded by a beautiful garden enclosing a large swimming pool and an elegant, modern dining room. You'll find attention to every small detail i... More >

On the Sea

Western Galilee - Shavei Zion
A minute's walk from the beach - a suite with an otherworld character
The spacious suite, On the Sea (200 meters from the sea) radiates warmth, country charm and a sense of caressing intimacy.  The design creates an emotional and personal touch that makes it unique - a zimmer with cha... More >

Upper Galilee - Zfat

1885 Suites

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
A luxurious, romantic meeting of past and future...
There are places that tell a story: an ancient stone cottage in restored Rosh Pina (once lived in by the moshava doctor), wooden windowframes, a yard encircled by a stone wall, a dovecote, quiet terraces looking out over... More >
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Shell Beach B&B Vacation Rental

Carmel Beach - Habonim beach
A romantic lovers' refuge in the conservation area of Hof Habonim
Which of us is romantic, clinging to the fantasy that there are still undiscovered, romantic B&B vacation rentals that aren't far from home, that you can escape to for a calm, country weekend?  Well, this is... More >
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