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Gan Eden - Paradise cabbin

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Romance in the midst of nature...particularly for couples
It has no accurate address, and no GPS will mark its location, and still...we can assure you that these two gorgeous wood cabins really do exist:  Ohad, born in Rosh Pina, built luxury B&B vacation rentals that are a... More >

Pina balev - A corner in your heart

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Prestigious B&B vacation rentals in the heart of "old-time Rosh Pina" and only a brief stroll away from it all…
Kobi, the owner, has restored an ancient stone building that once served as a granary.  Together with a construction artisan, they converted the building into an amazingly beautiful B&B vacation rental, full of chara... More >

Biktot Cahol Shamenet - Blue Cream Cottages

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
When beauty and character meet in the landscape of Rosh Pina…
This place radiates an otherworld feeling, with its deep understanding of the culture of hospitality, which creates a sense of lightness, grace and intimacy.  The design is delicate, soft, calming.  This is where you com... More >

Tamar VeGefen

Western Galilee - Mitzpe Hila
To feel intoxicated from love, nature and the nearby winery
Here, in a magnificent complex containing three beautiful, stylish suites in a Mediterranean Sea atmosphere, wrapped in sweet memories of Italy, guests will become intoxicated from love, as well as wine.  The family... More >
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Gad's Estate

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
Full privacy, a private pool, the perfect view, and hospitality culture at its best
Gadi fulfilled his vision of Gad's Estate in the most perfect of manners - without compromises and with a great deal of effort, creativity and love.  The results speak for themselves:  two large stone cotta... More >
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Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
Swimming against the current: Deluxe B&B vacation rentals with a spa pool and a different attitude...
Even if we try to entice you with the treasure of magnificent attractions we offer our guests, or if we tell you about the beautiful, ultimately accessorized stone buildings, with their thick walls, we still haven't gott... More >

Nof Beamirim

Upper Galilee - Amirim
Luxurious, romantic wood cabins overlooking the panoramic view at Amirim
This large, secluded B&B vacation rental complex is located on grassy lawns surrounded by fruit trees and loads of charming sitting corners.  The pastoral surroundings are like a picturesque village, saturated i... More >

Pnina bemoshava - a Pearl in the Moshava

Lower Galilee - Shadmot Dvora
Quality, serenity, peace and love in these beautiful, ecological B&B vacation rentals…
"The concept of these vacation rentals is a return to the source, to your roots, with an emphasis on the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea and its relation to ecological aspects" – when Hen, the owner of Pnina beMoshav... More >
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Ahuzat Lorraine

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
The fragrance of Parisian chic, aesthetics and comfort
The fragrance of Parisian chic floats in the modern B&B vacation rental Ahuzat Lorraine on Moshav Ein Yaakov.  A focus on beauty and  elegance grant this venue a cosmipolitan sense of fashionable, elite hos... More >
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Upper Galilee - Amuka
At the edge of a deep observation point,right on the outskirts of a verdant forest are luxurious wood cabins for couples only!
In our opinion, the title above is enough.  You can pick up the phone and call to reserve a place without reading the rest of this paragraph.  But if you like, there are further details:  this is a pair of particularly l... More >
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Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Romantic B&B vacation rentals in Rosh Pina, with a dash of history…
With the plethora of B&B vacation rentals in Rosh Pina, this Schwartzimmery complex stands out for its history, quality of hospitality, love for people, humor, warm approach and heartwarming welcome of each visitor. ... More >

La Loon

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
A total panoramic view to the romantic horizon of Rosh Pina..
The new Laloon suites in Rosh Pina have been blessed with many advantages:  location, scenery, design, unique character, but more than this – the high level of sensitivity and generosity of the hostess, her warm heart an... More >
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Nachlat Moshe- luxurious suites

Upper Galilee - Metulla
Feeling truly international in Israel
A most successful combination: a lovingly preserved piece of history alongside quality hospitality, woven by the appropriate hands.  On pastoral Nachlat Moshe, which looks out over the Golan mountains and Emek  Eyun, whe... More >

Cinema Suite

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
A romantic experience for couples only - just like in the movies!
This suite, for couples only, has all the right elements:  a secluded location, a large swimming pool with wave system, massages and heat; a spacious deck terrace looking out over the view, a dry sauna, a romantic i... More >
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Feyat Haya'ar - Fairy of the Forest

Western Galilee - Abirim
Romantic, secluded wood cabins with a huge outdoor Jacuzzi and plenty of love…
Fairy of the Forest - wrapped up in her wings are two secluded wood cottages, dipped in wild, green nature and surrounded by a sense of mystery and magic - a perfect setting for a unique hospitality experience.  A huge J... More >