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Al mapalim - on waterfalls

Upper Galilee - Metulla
Romantic B&B vacation rentals that also sound good…
Imagine that you are sitting on a private terrace, verdant nature before you, a luxurious B&B vacation rental behind you.  While sipping a refreshing soft drink that Perry will most likely serve you in summer, you ar... More >

Laga'at Banof - Touching the landscape

The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
The perfect B&B vacation rental for the perfect marriage proposal…
Miri and Yoav, owners of the deluxe B&B vacation rentals Laga'at Banof on Ma'ale Gamle, claim that their vacation rentals are simply enchanted.  Otherwise, how can one explain the fact that in two of their country co... More >

Ahuzat Raphael

Western Galilee - Even Menachem
A particularly prestigious boutique hotel with a European flavor...
Ahuzat Raphael was created to bring us closer to luxurious Europe - when the well-used cliches "chic" and "classic" become facts that make all  want to change their Levi jeans wearers to Roberto tuxedos and evening gowns... More >

Champagne Boutique Estates

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
Here's to love, sensuality and the ultimate in luxury…
There is nothing like a glass of cold, sparkling champagne to celebrate those special moments of joy.  And if joy comes from love – please permit the HaPisga Guide reviewer to recommend to you the perfect place to make a... More >

Sod Hazimmer Hane'elam

Upper Galilee - Amirim
The key to an enchanting, luxurious, romantic vacation lies in the secret of the disappearing B&B vacation rental...
In the midst of a magical, natural forest, facing a breathtaking view of the Galilee, on the slope at the edge of Amirim, is a luxurious, romantic wood cabin looking out over the Sea of Galilee.  The Secret of the Disapp... More >

Villa Aviva

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
Two suites in a soft design, with privacy and a beautiful view
Two well-secluded suites for full privacy in a serene atmosphere.  The design is soft, romantic and light.  Each suite has its own interestingt deck:  the northern suite sees the open, panoramic view of th... More >

HaAlon HaGadol - The Big Oak

Western Galilee - Abirim
Secluded B&B vacation rentals, including a private sauna and giant outdoor Jacuzzi spa…
In full privacy, opposite the natural, supremely quiet forest, nestle two particularly luxurious spa cottages.  The Big Oak-  your fascinating hostess, Bereleh's pride and joy.  A huge Jacuzzi spa with a private terrace,... More >

Tomer and Dvora

The Golan Heights - Had Ness
A B&B vacation rental with a tradition of scenery, swimming pool and romance…
In beautiful Had Ness, opposite a breathtaking view, David, your host, has built a gorgeous B&B vacation rental that seems to have stepped out of a fairy tale.  Stone arches, decorated tiles, a private swimming pool ... More >
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Yamim - suite on the beach

Western Galilee - Shavei Zion
A beautiful suite on the sea with the romantic aroma of nostalgia…
The crash of the approaching waves, the caress of the light, refreshing breeze, the salty taste you feel at the edge of your lips, the surprising silence of an isolated beach, just for you and your partner.  And only a f... More >

Biktot Halotem - Rock Rose Cottages

Western Galilee - Shomra
B&B vacation rentals that look like they belong in a painting…
This Hapisga critic would like to suggest an alternative, more accurate name for this special site:  Lotem Kingdom.  Why?  Because the three gorgeous, spacious wood cabins nestle on a huge estate with hand-cultivated, co... More >

Biktot Talia - Talia Cabins

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Biktot Talia in Rosh Pina…Hospitality in a holistic atmosphere…
The suites at Biktot Talia were designed, first of all, to bring serenity to their guests.  This is expertly accomplished with the intimate design, the beautiful suites, the clean, elegant lines and the atmosphere.  But ... More >

Dolce Vita

Western Galilee - Goren
Lavish B&B vacation rentals with a pool, for the ultimate spa vacation…
The hospitality concept of Dolce Vita unites spa services, elegance and romance.  A pool awaits you in the complex; external and internal Jacuzzi spas await you in each unit, and a huge, external spa unit awaits you in t... More >

Your home in nature

Upper Galilee - Sde Eliezer
Stone house, huge orchard, inspiration - this is the way romance is fashioned
Your Home in Nature is the essence of elegant simplicity, good taste and impeccable quality.  If your soul craves the rare experience of relaxing in a luxurious stone suite, surrounded by the green of a lush orchard, bes... More >
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La Loon

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
A total panoramic view to the romantic horizon of Rosh Pina..
The new Laloon suites in Rosh Pina have been blessed with many advantages:  location, scenery, design, unique character, but more than this – the high level of sensitivity and generosity of the hostess, her warm heart an... More >

Hahar HaAtzil - the Noble Mountain

Upper Galilee - Hazon
Particularly romantic B&B vacation rentals on the side of Mt. Hazon…
On an enchanting side road on the slope of Mt. Hazon, opposite Mt. Meron, in one of the most beautiful locations in the region, two spacious wood cabins were built with Jacky, the owner's, own two hands.  Together with h... More >