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Biktot Cahol Shamenet - Blue Cream Cottages

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
When beauty and character meet in the landscape of Rosh Pina…
This place radiates an otherworld feeling, with its deep understanding of the culture of hospitality, which creates a sense of lightness, grace and intimacy.  The design is delicate, soft, calming.  This is where you com... More >

Ahuzat Sara - Sara's Estate

Upper Galilee - Kerem Ben Zimra
What makes a luxurious B&B vacation rental with a swimming pool an extraordinary vacation spot?
Sara and Yaakov have an enchanting B&B vacation rental with 5 suites, surrounded by a beautiful garden enclosing a large swimming pool and an elegant, modern dining room. You'll find attention to every small detail i... More >

sheket Be'anan - Silence of a cloud

The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
A name that truly reflects the softness, the sparkle and the lightness of the location…
Silence in the Cloud integrates two particularly attractive elements in a romantic B&B luxury vacation rental:  a panoramic view and full seclusion in the outside region.  By the way, the outside region is a huge, to... More >

Bar Beya'ar - Wild in the Forest

Upper Galilee - Amuka
Nature, a luxurious, secluded cottage with the highest of luxuries, and the view...the view…
There are times when in order to take in the beauty that surrounds you, you just have to bring your breathing back to normal.  It isn't just the wild surroundings and the forest in which the cottage is located; it's also... More >

Yifat Mettet

Western Galilee - Matat
Deluxe B&B vacation rentals with a quality view and the warmest of hospitality
Nature.  A view.  Clean, simple design.  These are the cornerstones set by your hostess, Yifat, for her two wood cabins.  Mitzpe Metter has long been a household word, as a location that has deluxe vacation rentals with ... More >
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Nof 10

Upper Galilee - Amirim
Elegant suites on Amirim that look out over the entire north from on high…
While she gazed out on this powerful, incredible, hypnotic  view, this Hapisga critic felt the effect it had on her:  what began as aesthetic enjoyment turned into something spiritual, almost metaphysical.   On a good d... More >

Gan Eden - Paradise cabbin

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Romance in the midst of nature...particularly for couples
It has no accurate address, and no GPS will mark its location, and still...we can assure you that these two gorgeous wood cabins really do exist:  Ohad, born in Rosh Pina, built luxury B&B vacation rentals that are a... More >

Pina balev - A corner in your heart

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Prestigious B&B vacation rentals in the heart of "old-time Rosh Pina" and only a brief stroll away from it all…
Kobi, the owner, has restored an ancient stone building that once served as a granary.  Together with a construction artisan, they converted the building into an amazingly beautiful B&B vacation rental, full of chara... More >

Your home in nature

Upper Galilee - Sde Eliezer
Stone house, huge orchard, inspiration - this is the way romance is fashioned
Your Home in Nature is the essence of elegant simplicity, good taste and impeccable quality.  If your soul craves the rare experience of relaxing in a luxurious stone suite, surrounded by the green of a lush orchard, bes... More >

Etz Hahaim - Tree of Life

Western Galilee - Matat
Like a biblical scene from "Song of Songs"…
Aryeh and Inbal have built two beautiful, green-roofed wood cabins, well secluded in nature and silence across from Mt. Mettet.  The upper cabin is concealed in a natural forest and its terrace looks out over the mountai... More >
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Ahuzat Rega'ai Kesem - Moments of Magic Estates

Western Galilee - Goren
Rega'ai Kesem - Magical Moments: luxuries, swimming pool, sauna and hosts who simply give and give...
A wooden bridge joins the outside world with this corner of fantasy at Rega'ai Kesem. If you look well, you may even find an elephant. The suites themselves offer splendor, luxuries, comfort and a great deal of inspirati... More >

Pnina bemoshava - a Pearl in the Moshava

Lower Galilee - Shadmot Dvora
Quality, serenity, peace and love in these beautiful, ecological B&B vacation rentals…
"The concept of these vacation rentals is a return to the source, to your roots, with an emphasis on the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea and its relation to ecological aspects" – when Hen, the owner of Pnina beMoshav... More >
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Tamar VeGefen

Western Galilee - Mitzpe Hila
To feel intoxicated from love, nature and the nearby winery
Here, in a magnificent complex containing three beautiful, stylish suites in a Mediterranean Sea atmosphere, wrapped in sweet memories of Italy, guests will become intoxicated from love, as well as wine.  The family... More >

Biktot Talia - Talia Cabins

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Biktot Talia in Rosh Pina…Hospitality in a holistic atmosphere…
The suites at Biktot Talia were designed, first of all, to bring serenity to their guests.  This is expertly accomplished with the intimate design, the beautiful suites, the clean, elegant lines and the atmosphere.  But ... More >

Ahuzat Van Gogh - Van Gogh Estate

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
A magnificent, luxurious, romantic work of art...
It's very easy to find superlatives to describe Ahuzat Van Gogh on Kfar Vradim: Splendor, opulence, daring, revolutionary design, exclusive, sophisticated taste, original, refreshing style - and it is all true. But perha... More >