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Avir Harim - Mountain air

Western Galilee - Shomra
This place has everything: a magnificent view, a private pool, a huge Jacuzzi spa, and most of
These prestigious B&B vacation rentals, Avir Harim, offer their guests an abundance of rare quality and particular luxury:  full seclusion; a large private swimming pool for each couple; spacious and gorgeous gardens... More >

Ahuzat Kimino - Kimono Estate

Upper Galilee - Dalton
Luxurious, deluxe B&B vacation rentals with a pool? More like soft, luxurious silk wrapping itself around you...
High up in the green forests above Zfat, at the edge of a natural escarpment, looking out over an unbelievable view of the green, pastoral Naftali Mountains, is a hidden pearl of Japanese design. A heated swimming pool, ... More >


Upper Galilee - Amuka
At the edge of a deep observation point,right on the outskirts of a verdant forest are luxurious wood cabins for couples only!
In our opinion, the title above is enough.  You can pick up the phone and call to reserve a place without reading the rest of this paragraph.  But if you like, there are further details:  this is a pair of particularly l... More >
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Galilee Four Seasons

Lower Galilee - Ilania
One of the most romantic hospitality venues ever
Guests here have claimed it reminds them of the Bahai Gardens.  The gardens at Galilee Four Seasons are huge, stretching across the four beautiful wood cabins, continuing to the giant stone terraces, to the far hori... More >

Etz Hahaim - Tree of Life

Western Galilee - Matat
Like a biblical scene from "Song of Songs"…
Aryeh and Inbal have built two beautiful, green-roofed wood cabins, well secluded in nature and silence across from Mt. Mettet.  The upper cabin is concealed in a natural forest and its terrace looks out over the mountai... More >

Tomer and Dvora

The Golan Heights - Had Ness
A B&B vacation rental with a tradition of scenery, swimming pool and romance…
In beautiful Had Ness, opposite a breathtaking view, David, your host, has built a gorgeous B&B vacation rental that seems to have stepped out of a fairy tale.  Stone arches, decorated tiles, a private swimming pool ... More >
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Champagne Boutique Estates

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
Here's to love, sensuality and the ultimate in luxury…
There is nothing like a glass of cold, sparkling champagne to celebrate those special moments of joy.  And if joy comes from love – please permit the HaPisga Guide reviewer to recommend to you the perfect place to make a... More >

Tsiur Nof

Upper Galilee - Amirim
The touch of a magic paintbrush creates a connection between dream and reality
The name of this B&B vacation rental and the feeling it radiates are magical.  The view seen from the yard includes the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon, the Galilee, the golden Golan and the Sea of Galilee fram... More >
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Pina balev - A corner in your heart

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Prestigious B&B vacation rentals in the heart of "old-time Rosh Pina" and only a brief stroll away from it all…
Kobi, the owner, has restored an ancient stone building that once served as a granary.  Together with a construction artisan, they converted the building into an amazingly beautiful B&B vacation rental, full of chara... More >

Camilla Resort

Sea of Galilee - Moshava Kinneret
When an architect decides to design an intimate boutique hotel for couples only
Aside from the hypnotic view and the international design of the outdoor area, Camilla Resort, an intimate boutique hotel located near the beach at the Sea of Galilee, excels in one more area:  the interior design o... More >
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Magical Sun - Luxurious Suites and Estate

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
A private, romantic suite facing an enchanting view - a luxurious estate with swimming pool and loads of facilities
The term "magical sun" is perfect to describe the warm, caressing character of these two suites, distant from each other but both offering a variety of vacation solutions.  The secluded cabins are perfect ... More >
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Yair Begolan

The Golan Heights - Had Ness
A spot that makes it easy to fall in love
Yair Begolan is a B&B vacation rental like it's meant to be - exact, classic, intimate, well-equipped and designed with a quiet, delicate, peaceful line.  There are two identical stone suites here, each with... More >

Biktot Talia - Talia Cabins

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
Biktot Talia in Rosh Pina…Hospitality in a holistic atmosphere…
The suites at Biktot Talia were designed, first of all, to bring serenity to their guests.  This is expertly accomplished with the intimate design, the beautiful suites, the clean, elegant lines and the atmosphere.  But ... More >

Romantika BeMerom - Romance at the top

Upper Galilee - Kahal
The special places that always move you emotionally….
There are places and thiings that move us deeply, again and again.  When you reach the settlement of Kachal in the afternoon hours, before the sun has decided to load its paintbrush with sunset colors, the air whispers o... More >

Sod Hazimmer Hane'elam

Upper Galilee - Amirim
The key to an enchanting, luxurious, romantic vacation lies in the secret of the disappearing B&B vacation rental...
In the midst of a magical, natural forest, facing a breathtaking view of the Galilee, on the slope at the edge of Amirim, is a luxurious, romantic wood cabin looking out over the Sea of Galilee.  The Secret of the Disapp... More >