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Pina bahar - A corner on the mountain

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
With your back to the mountain and the view to forever...
"Here's the Hermon, that's the Hula Valley and from hear you can see the entire Golan Heights," Yair, our charismatic host at Pina Bahar, points out the seemingly endless expanse.  The entire north, alive, blossoming, jo... More >

Hagar and Yair's suite

Western Galilee - Manot
A very lavish, secluded suite with breathtaking design, luxuries and tremendous thought…
The B&B vacation rental complex, Hagar's Suite, contains a wood cabin known as the Rimon Suite.  From the foundations to the rafters, it is totally the creative handiwork of your host, Yair.  It's a huge space with a... More >

Laga'at Banof - Touching the landscape

The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
The perfect B&B vacation rental for the perfect marriage proposal…
Miri and Yoav, owners of the deluxe B&B vacation rentals Laga'at Banof on Ma'ale Gamle, claim that their vacation rentals are simply enchanted.  Otherwise, how can one explain the fact that in two of their country co... More >

Feyat Haya'ar - Fairy of the Forest

Western Galilee - Abirim
Romantic, secluded wood cabins with a huge outdoor Jacuzzi and plenty of love…
Fairy of the Forest - wrapped up in her wings are two secluded wood cottages, dipped in wild, green nature and surrounded by a sense of mystery and magic - a perfect setting for a unique hospitality experience.  A huge J... More >

Yair Begolan

The Golan Heights - Had Ness
A spot that makes it easy to fall in love
Yair Begolan is a B&B vacation rental like it's meant to be - exact, classic, intimate, well-equipped and designed with a quiet, delicate, peaceful line.  There are two identical stone suites here, each with... More >

Tal Shahar

Carmel Beach - Ein Hod
An artistic, romantic, comfortable suite in a picturesque location
Tel Shahar, the secluded suite in the artist's settlement of Ein Hod, can be described as a luxury suite with an open view and complete privacy, but that would only tell you very little about its magic and character,... More >

Ahuzat Van Gogh - Van Gogh Estate

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
A magnificent, luxurious, romantic work of art...
It's very easy to find superlatives to describe Ahuzat Van Gogh on Kfar Vradim: Splendor, opulence, daring, revolutionary design, exclusive, sophisticated taste, original, refreshing style - and it is all true. But perha... More >

Neimat Hahalil - the melody of the flute

Upper Galilee - Amirim
Magnificent design, hypnotic view and "secret", secluded location on enchanting Amirim…
The experience begins with the journey.  You drive down a picturesque dirt road, gaze out the window and search for the secluded vacation rental, which is hidden far from the eyes of the curious...two beautiful suites, o... More >

Ahuzat Raphael

Western Galilee - Even Menachem
A particularly prestigious boutique hotel with a European flavor...
Ahuzat Raphael was created to bring us closer to luxurious Europe - when the well-used cliches "chic" and "classic" become facts that make all  want to change their Levi jeans wearers to Roberto tuxedos and evening gowns... More >

Idyll - The Pearl - Luxurious Stone Houses

Upper Galilee - Amirim
Wonderfully romantic, luxurious stone houses in a high, secluded location at Amirim
A romantic, luxurious B&B vacation rental in one of the most exclusive locations on Amirim; antique-style restored stone, woodwork and green foliage - a combination that provides a classic, historical atmosphere.  Th... More >

The Golan Heights - Aniam
... More >

Sod Hazimmer Hane'elam

Upper Galilee - Amirim
The key to an enchanting, luxurious, romantic vacation lies in the secret of the disappearing B&B vacation rental...
In the midst of a magical, natural forest, facing a breathtaking view of the Galilee, on the slope at the edge of Amirim, is a luxurious, romantic wood cabin looking out over the Sea of Galilee.  The Secret of the Disapp... More >

Atsulat Hanoff - Nobility of the Landscape

Western Galilee - Yaara
Exclusive suites with a private swimming pool (heated in winter) for a perfect vacation fantasy...
The Atsulat Hanoff suites on Moshav Ya'ara were established to make your fantasy come true. The fantasy of a perfect vacation. This is a deluxe B&B vacation rental complex with evvvvvvverything: a particularly magnif... More >

On the Wadi

Western Galilee - Matat
Deep within Wadi Shandiv, in the heart of an ancient oak and strawberry tree forest…
Deep within Wadi Shandiv, int he heart of an ancient oak and strawberry tree forest, nestle On the Wadi deluxe B&B vacation rentals.  The wild, verdant nature surrounding these two stone cottages make one feel that n... More >

Gad's Estate

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
Full privacy, a private pool, the perfect view, and hospitality culture at its best
Gadi fulfilled his vision of Gad's Estate in the most perfect of manners - without compromises and with a great deal of effort, creativity and love.  The results speak for themselves:  two large stone cotta... More >