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Nachlat Moshe- luxurious suites

Upper Galilee - Metulla
Feeling truly international in Israel
A most successful combination: a lovingly preserved piece of history alongside quality hospitality, woven by the appropriate hands.  On pastoral Nachlat Moshe, which looks out over the Golan mountains and Emek  Eyun, whe...
N/A for nearest weekend
Starting at 680 NIS per night, 2 nights minimum

Muskat - a luxurious resort experience

Lower Galilee - Shadmot Dvora
The perfect holiday experience, with one-of-a-kind hospitality
Forget everything you know about the culture of vacation rentals in Israel.  Visitor don't frequent Muskat for the banal vacation of a "vacation rental in the Galilee".  They frequent Muskat for the perfect experience th...
Starting at 1300 NIS per night

Champagne Boutique Estates

Western Galilee - Kfar Vradim
Here's to love, sensuality and the ultimate in luxury…
There is nothing like a glass of cold, sparkling champagne to celebrate those special moments of joy.  And if joy comes from love – please permit the HaPisga Guide reviewer to recommend to you the perfect place to make a...
Starting at 1000 NIS per night

Ahuzat Lorraine

Western Galilee - Ein Yaakov
The fragrance of Parisian chic, aesthetics and comfort
The fragrance of Parisian chic floats in the modern B&B vacation rental Ahuzat Lorraine on Moshav Ein Yaakov.  A focus on beauty and  elegance grant this venue a cosmipolitan sense of fashionable, elite hos...
Starting at 1100 NIS per night

Adva, High Above the Rest

Upper Galilee - Rosh Pina
A deluxe B&B vacation rental complex that is high above the rest, and not just in location...
This deluxe B&B vacation rental complex - Adva, High Above the Rest, in Rosh Pina, is known to be one of the best locations in Rosh Pina, high up, and close to the restored site. The complex includes 4 enchanting uni...
Starting at 850 NIS per night

HaAlon HaGadol - The Big Oak

Western Galilee - Abirim
Secluded B&B vacation rentals, including a private sauna and giant outdoor Jacuzzi spa…
In full privacy, opposite the natural, supremely quiet forest, nestle two particularly luxurious spa cottages.  The Big Oak-  your fascinating hostess, Bereleh's pride and joy.  A huge Jacuzzi spa with a private terrace,...
N/A for nearest weekend
Starting at 800 NIS per night

Island of Love Hospitality Suites

Western Galilee - Naharia
Staying in a luxury suite, when the window glass is the only thing that separates your toes from the ocean
The two romantic B&B vacation rental suites at Island of Love are in a luxurious building only a touch away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the north - Ahziv Conservation Area. Besides the proximity to the ...
Starting at 1000 NIS per night

Atsulat Hanoff - Nobility of the Landscape

Western Galilee - Yaara
Exclusive suites with a private swimming pool (heated in winter) for a perfect vacation fantasy...
The Atsulat Hanoff suites on Moshav Ya'ara were established to make your fantasy come true. The fantasy of a perfect vacation. This is a deluxe B&B vacation rental complex with evvvvvvverything: a particularly magnif...
Starting at 900 NIS per night

Gan Hamelachim - Garden of Kings

Upper Galilee - Amirim
Is this where kings go for a luxurious vacation? To Amirim?
The choice of the name "Gan Hamelachim" (The Garden of Kings) may sound a little snooty, when freely used, particularly when we are talking about B&B vacation rentals.  In this case, we can declare that they have it ...
N/A for nearest weekend
Starting at 800 NIS per night

sheket Be'anan - Silence of a cloud

The Golan Heights - Ma'ale Gamla
A name that truly reflects the softness, the sparkle and the lightness of the location…
Silence in the Cloud integrates two particularly attractive elements in a romantic B&B luxury vacation rental:  a panoramic view and full seclusion in the outside region.  By the way, the outside region is a huge, to...
Starting at 550 NIS per night, 2 nights minimum

Ben Zricha Veshkiya - Between sunrise and sunset

Western Galilee - Yaara
When luxury and romance flow together (with a private pool) into a conservation area…
Whoever wishes to feel on top of the world, right where the earth kisses the sky, to bask in the fragrance and sights of the Nahal Ziv Conservation area and to enjoy being in the middle of a wild, virginal nature, withou...
Starting at 900 NIS per night

Hamakom - Boutique Hotel in the Galilee

Western Galilee - Netuah
a luxurious boutique hotel with a private wave pool in every suite
The Hamakom boutique hotel reveals itself as a magnificent vision, on the border between dream and reality.  The picturesque scenery is like a mirage stretching across a high mountain full of natural forest.  Twelve "cas...
Starting at 1640 NIS per night


Western Galilee - Shomra
Romantic, secluded wood cabins, just like in a fairy tale…
The fairy tale claims that for every flower of the magnolia tree in full blossom that you are lucky enough to see, you will have a year added to your life.  We can't dispute the verity of this, but we think that if you v...
Starting at 800 NIS per night

Biktot Eretz Kinneret - Kinneret Country Cabins

The Golan Heights - Had Ness
An enchanting, luxurious, romantic suite that looks right onto the Sea of Galilee…
Opposite the magnificent view of the Sea of Galilee, in the wonderful fresh air and free, open spaces of a wild, virginal nature, two romantic and especially luxurious cottages calmly wait to be discovered.  A romantic a...
Starting at 700 NIS per night

Hanesicha Haksmuma - the Enchanted Princess

Upper Galilee - Amirim
In the midst of a natural forest, with a connection to nature, to love and to comfort
The Enchanted Princess's three cottages invite you for a romantic vacation in the midst of a natural forest, with its powerful energies of fire, water, air and earth ensure you'll be filled with renewed energies, harmony...
Starting at 650 NIS per night