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E.g., 19-07-2019

Deluxe romantic B&B - special offers

Deluxe B&B with heated swimming pool


B&B Name Settlement No. of commenters Rank
Gold 68 כפר ברוך 47 9.67
Bigtime Amuka 40 9.73
ציור נוף Amirim 17 9.65
Nave Bakfar Mitspe 16 9.68
Matat 15 9.66
Had Ness 11 9.63
The Peleg Family's Hous... Amirim 11 9.56
Abirim 9 9.68
Ayelet Ahavim - Ayelet for L... Livnim 8 9.68
Neimat Hahalil - the melody... Amirim 8 9.62

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Welcome to HaPisga Guide!

About the Guide

The HaPisga Guide researches, classifies and recommends luxurious and romantic, deluxe B&B vacation rentals in northern and central Israel. The Guide specializes in the presentation of high-quality B&B vacation rentals for couples only, located in complexes that do not accept families with children.

The Guide specializes in the niche of romantic/luxurious B&B vacation rentals and assembles all of these recommended vacation rentals in the north and central region of the country.

Each romantic/luxurious B&B vacation rental that fits the bill is eligible for publicity (in a basic presentation package) free of charge, from our endeavor to offer a general database of romantic/ luxurious B&B vacation rentals in Israel.

How are B&B vacation rentals accepted into the Guide?

Every interested owner of a B&B vacation rental may invite our representative for inspection and review according to the parameters of quality, and, in accordance with this, the possibility of adding them to our database will be considered. A B&B vacation rental that is accepted to the Guide must maintain the following standards:

· Deluxe B&B vacation rental that offers hospitality to couples only (not families)

· Deluxe B&B vacation rental in a good location that can offer its guests privacy

· Deluxe B&B vacation rental that offers pleasure and comfort · Very high standard of facilities and finishes

· Elevated, double Jacuzzi in each suite

· Climate control in each suite

· Option for breakfast

· Maintenance of high standards of cleanliness and upkeep over time

· Availability and professionalism of hosts

Deluxe B&B vacation rentals that are accepted to the Guide are catalogued by nature – luxurious vacation rentals, vacation rentals with a view, romantic vacation rentals, etc. – and by region – B&B vacation rentals in the Galilee, in the Golan, on the Sea of Galilee, etc.

The staff's reviews on each vacation rental will be published along with a gallery of professional photographs and additional, relevant details, such as: type of structure, construction materials, size in sqm, description of the living space, type and size of Jacuzzi, type and size of bed, type of landscape around the vacation rental, refreshments, price guide, etc.

We endeavor to ensure that each vacation rental will be presented in the Guide with a personal video interview with the hosts.

Role of visitors to the website

As a portion of our ethical concept, we ask website visitors who have enjoyed a vacation experience at a specific vacation rental presented in the Guide, to share the positive or negative impressions of their stay. These impressions will have a decisive influence in the manner of classification and presentation of each vacation rental in the Guide.

The result: the largest forum of reviews in the country (available in Hebrew version only). Each opinion on every vacation rental appearing in the site will be published verbatim – negative or positive – both in the vacation rental forum and in the official information sheet for that vacation rental.

The opinion will include personal text, as well as parameters on which the visitor will be asked to grade the vacation rental: technology and facilities, maintenance and cleanliness, cost vs. value, physical surroundings, personal treatment, luxuries and refreshments. The average of these parameters will constitute the grade granted by the visitor for that vacation rental. At any given time, our staff will evaluate and improve the average grades granted to each vacation rental over the most recent three months. Significance will also be given to the quantity of reviewers.

On the page "Recommended vacation rentals", we have assembled for you those luxurious and romantic vacation rentals that have received an especially high grade by our website surfers.

The HaPisga staff is committed to present each notification verbatim, on condition that the writer has indeed stayed at the vacation rental recommended by the Guide sometime within the 30 days that precede its publication in the forum.

Due to the decisive influence of visitors' notifications on ratings and positions of the vacation rentals, our staff strongly requests that website visitors behave responsibly and refrain from extreme grades and notifications, be they positive or negative. A vacation rental that obtains a grade of less than 8.0 for longer than six months will be removed from the site.

And in conclusion…

We are aware of the fact that it is difficult these days to rely on information presented in the network, particularly when it involves information on vacation rentals. Therefore we are are making the utmost efforts to constitute a real alternative to website visitors who value reliability and quality.

We hope that the system we have developed and your cooperation as visitors in continuous, objective reviews will provide a reliable and realistic picture of each of the romantic, luxurious vacation rentals recommended in the site.

Together with this, we are open to additional ideas and would be pleased if you would share them with us via the "Contact" page.

We thank you for your contribution to the update of our reviews and believe that your welcome contribution as visitors will enable others to enjoy a luxurious and rewarding vacation at the best B&B vacation rentals in Israel.

Erez Meirav,

Editor of the HaPisga Guide