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Boutique Hotels: When becoming boutique hotel just a country?

In recent years, has become the phrase "boutique hotel" synonymous with quality entertainment, a growing number of B & B, Suites and Hotels Small Matahdrim this title

If you are looking for Holiday Accommodation combines elements of high-level features (such as a high level of privacy) with the benefits that large hotels offer (as a quality pool) might want to look for new niche evacuated of hosting, developing niche in the country recently - the boutique hotel niche.

What is a boutique hotel?

Just as the term "boutique" in the seventies changed the terminology "clothing store" that happens now. Instead of "hotel" should now "boutique hotel". Rather, the terminology is not empty. There are behind the plan and requires - the content is quality.

Term "boutique hotel" is another word that includes rigorous form of accommodation in North Accommodation over four rooms and big cities to a hundred rooms.

Professional people in the industry could tell that boutique hotels will provide a different experience contemporary "
"This is a unique nature experience highlighting interior design, service and location"

Lutece hotel trend is relatively new procurement from abroad, there were wise enough to understand that guests are willing to pay more for a quality hosting experience. It's slowly coming to us. "
So, boutique hotels, the new tourist niche provide a solution and give an appropriate response to the high demand Lraf the special requirements of guests
Small hotels, friendly and pleasant, the smell of brands, which provide not only a place to sleep, but also an unusual concept ".

Boutique Hotel Types

There are two orders of magnitude in boutique hotels
These major cities: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Netanya, they also include hotels older medium to the order of a hundred rooms
These hotels are used to an audience of local and international businessmen, tourists and eventual Israeli vacationers.

Smaller boutique hotels located primarily north of the country are hosting a small pastoral estates, a Expanded Zimmer, a more than four rooms. Zimmer is usually luxurious, romantic and sometimes very stately home built on a new element of his old house with an interesting story to promote.

Typical boutique hotel in the north you will find over four suites, pampering particular, proudly displaying items of unique design, elegant furnishings, gourmet kitchen with a chef at ensuring the submission form as well as the quality of organic ingredients and taste excellent quality and of course pampering.

Hotels - a boutique service ":
In both types of boutique hotels is the key level of service. This service boutique. Personal service that each guest, offering multiple options SPA (sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi, high-level, etc.) alternative treatments first-class level.

Hotels - "Design Boutique":

Typically, highly designed boutique hotels, unique buildings with interesting architecture and interior design is invested, sometimes by Feng Yueh. Boutique hotel often holds an interesting story of the renovated historic house masterfully adapted luxurious hospitality.

Boutique hotels - Privacy:

Boutique hotels primarily in the north usually enjoy complete privacy, Laitm are located close view of an interesting observation, usually romantic clearing are surrounded by manicured gardens which enjoy a daily maintenance and care.

In summary:

If Ahpctam Zimmer or non-hosted hotel is a boutique hotel may be the answer for you.
We wish you an enjoyable holiday!

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