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Kfar Vradim

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee village of roses

Roses Village is a large urban settlement, which received the status of local council. The village has about 5500 residents, Achsahgydol annual population currently stands at 1.7%.

Settlement located north west of the Upper Galilee Tefen rope, 2 K "from south of virtues - not far Tarshiha Nahariya ..

Village roses flying height 650 m above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Ashkar, so nice weather in summer too hot. Although winter snow often falls.
The name of the picturesque village of roses something, and comes from its founders will read the name and the names of Its streets names of flowers, trees and more.

The village was established in 1984 at the initiative of industrialist Stef Wertheimer the confiscated land Tarshiha nearby. Originally, he intended to be away from the settlement area Tefen tower industry, began developing at the time. In fact established as one Tefen

Village - roses designed in advance by the program to be run accommodation quality educational and cultural systems developed to attract a strong population from central Israel. Indeed, today considered one of roses village-based communities in Israel and as such, enjoys the village quality of life and infrastructure, well planned, not found in other localities in the country. Houses, and of course bed and breakfasts, Dip green manicured gardens surrounding natural vegetation, infrastructure, electricity and telephone cables are placed underground, so no wires hanging in the air and disturb the peace pastoral.

Summit site offers Accommodation in the village level rose. One of them is B & B 'dream of love ". B & B 'dream of love "to its name, is a dream of B & B ...

Zimmer exclusive romantic love will find a huge bed, solid wood and designed very well padded and soft and her white-linen, c / Jacuzzi big round huge glass wall, surrounding it on all sides to enjoy the panoramic view.

Bed and breakfasts for guests who want to travel a bit - It is strongly recommended to visit the trail near the settlement, "the path of Norman " This is a magical mountain track with legendary children's homes and sites.
You can also visit the Tefen Industrial Park or visit nearby Lake Monfort degrees Tarshiha junction strength.

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