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Mitzpe Hila

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee town Mitzpe Hila:
Mitzpe Hila community is located in the western Galilee, in the Local Council of Ma'ale Yosef, about 15 km east of Nahariya, by degrees - Tarshiha. Settlement is situated at an altitude of 550 meters above sea drenched mountain landscape rolls of magical green.

Mitzpe Hila is located on a mountain spur above the river Kziv Ziv, the observatory's name implies Kziv stream, as well as an aura is a synonym for Ziv, just as the nearby mountain.

More on the origin of the name "halo" says Ofer Observatory website: "Because of its location near Mount Ziv Yeshuvenv Kziv stream above, should read` expect `Ziv, and indeed it was originally planned.

But the robbery broke, stumbling man sat names Yehuda Ziv `name`, Law Committee has the names, there will be no settlement on behalf of a member of the committee. Our sages were looking for a meaning similar, and found the name `halo`.

Meanwhile, Yehuda Ziv left the committee names, so he could call our neighbors in West `Ziv Ziv` or `` Galilee.

Hila was established in 1980 as part of a plan waiting in Galilee when seven families moved into prefabricated buildings imported from South Africa and currently has 136 families, of which, it must be noted, a very special family Shalit, whose son was kidnapped during a terrorist attack on a military post in Kerem Shalom. Accommodation offered 20 in Chile, one of them belongs to Aviva Shalit, Gilad's mother. Those who travel to vacation Guest halo do not know the hardships satisfied bitterness the first settlers, pioneers in every respect, who later became my husband in bed and breakfasts and hosts.

Asat lion writes, one of the first settlers, the official site of the settlement.: "The first seven houses, brought from South Africa to save time and build them within days. The walls were made of Styrofoam coated with hard material like Lego custom connections."

He adds "The ship sailed months when she reached the port of Haifa in Israel must device found thick walls at least 15 inches and what it's cardboard walls were 10 cm thick.

Having no choice loaded the goods again and sent her back to South Africa. Revised houses with walls "thick" again left off the long and difficult and arduous journey lasting many weeks and then returned to the port of Haifa were awaiting trucks including the new settlement "Har Ziv, day and night. "You thought you came to rest an inheritance? Mistake

He continued, "which raised the walls and began the work of the assembly, turned out to be rolling up the second.

Far-off factory workers in Africa changed the thickness of the walls properly for some reason they forgot to change the connections in the new template. Parts of buildings designed as a rapid build Lego, suffered severe discrepancy.

Building process which has become a prolonged nightmare frail improvisation changed the planning and thought. "

So much hardship beginning. Who comes aura now hard to believe it was. From here to show the pastoral community, a long distance. Location of the village is very attractive. It is situated in the heart of the oak grove of olive groves and magical.

The attention of travel enthusiasts among you: City walking tour can be held Monfort dip stream Kziv Ein Tamir.

Other sites in the region: Fort Yehiam, Rosh, Rainbow Cave, river Betzet, Peqi'in Tefen Industrial Park, Monfort Lake Beach course fail.

Incidentally, the astonishing flowering of Mitzpe Hila's uncompromising quality Accommodation halo is not trivial. In 27 years since the establishment of the Observatory Guest houses built impressive aura. The location of the mountain at an observation point of the broad construction urged BB instead.

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