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Even Menachem

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee Even Menachem: the seat is named after Dr. Arthur Menachem Hantke (1874-1955), a leader KH. Even Menachem was founded in 1960 by immigrants from North Africa on the part of land from Arab villages abandoned Atareviah A. Nabi Rubin.

Pastoral population of the small village has about 300 people. Height, about 600 meters above sea level, magical mountain scenery, and weather, which can sometimes be a snowy winter (which is perhaps the perfect time to look for B & B in the north) are a tourist attraction Accommodation instead.

Guide "summit" Accommodation offers selected, tested and proven in the first row Accommodation romantic couples vacation spot. Those seeking B & B North - Even Menachem settlement was one of those communities that offer quality Accommodation Accommodation in North offers a variety including:

B & B "Spa down the mountain." Spa B & B down the mountain is located on Moshav Even Menachem in a massive and beautiful courtyard. You are guaranteed, guests Zimmer, Zimmer prestigious that will provide you with pampering spa vacation peaceful quality wooden huts with a huge Jacuzzi, oh, and do not forget the view from Zimmer: cottages overlooking the hills of Galilee surrounded landscape garden in bloom.

B & B in another, higher level, is B & B "in love". Zimmer "in Ahabti"at mind spa vacation to enjoy the magical, luxurious pampering and above all relaxed and isolated, particularly magical location. Zimmers dip natural forest offer plenty of peace and pleasure.

If you are staying Guest Menachem stone and want to travel a bit in the area, is available on many activities including: Horse walk trips in the region. One of the most recommended travel habits is a trip to the river is used (or reserve is used). Reserve is a nature reserve is typically cylindrical, not far from the surface of the seat. Nature reserve size is not large, only about 3 square miles, but walking is very pleasant stay. Reserve is also called Bay Laurel Reserve, not hard to discover why. S grove flora reserve - typical Mediterranean, where they Achsahdomenntim Bay Laurel trees. You find the river is reserved for the Fern Creek, west of the seat.

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