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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee / Goren in the Upper Galilee;

Goren's seat is a seat in the Council secular Ma'ale Yosef located in the Upper Galilee Western Galilee toward the degree - Tarshiha, about four kilometers from the Israeli border - Lebanon Height: 400 m above sea level. There are various community and BB BB luxury romantic high.

The moshav was founded in 1950 by immigrants from Yemen, but several months after the establishment of the community most residents had left him for housing at the top of the eye. In 1951, immigrants arrived from North Africa. The name "circle" is the Arabic translation of Hebrew place name is: "Gornot Ahachutshim. Granary now live about 500 residents and many of them with BB.

BB livelihood choice barn building a natural look because the country is located in the seat which is most beautiful in the country it seems that he simply invites this occupation.

Goren's uniqueness as a tourist destination in recent years was based for several reasons: first, surprisingly, lodging options in this amazing Zimmer are not many. You can tell who has recently started waking many in this B & B collective seats are being built up area but the field has not yet reached saturation. Second - The view from the seat is really amazing. Castle Monport almost every window looks out of the B & B, Holiday unit suite.

In the supply and variety of Holiday Accommodation units, for every taste and every pocket. Accommodation from romantic, B & B with a view, B & B with swimming pool and pond, to popular luxury Accommodation Guest families. Hosted in the region offers many attractions and lure of travel, for the Western Galilee region is the most unique: high mountains, archaeological attractions Mpartzunim beach with typical, green surroundings of the Mediterranean plantations, deep wadis ... All these create a unique landscape environment attractive to vacationers.

Also cultural and religious diversity in the region, offering inviting mix of flavors, smells, sounds and images invite to come and take. The beach is an excellent choice entertainment, the variety of clubs in his public beaches inviting ships and a host of tours and sports forms. You can stroll the colorful market of Old Acre, or tour the Rosh Hanikra marvel resonator water crashing into the white cliffs of this unique region. And of course, rest, eat well, enjoy a good breeze and sway in a hammock Zimmer. If looking for a luxury B & B in the north, we seem to find the Mbokschma barn.

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