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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee town preserved: preserved is a moshav in the Upper Galilee, established in 1949 by a group of immigrants seats movement Hungary and Romania. The village was established in place of the Arab village Atareviah A. Upper Galilee, 10 km north of virtues - Tarshiha.

The location of the seat, near the border with Israel - Lebanon led to the name. The name "preserved" is symbolic (and Bahgyitv guard tower.)

Bed and breakfasts for guests, who want to know a little more about the place: a moment of history: the settlement was abandoned after its founding, soon resettled in 1950 by immigrants from Morocco. The dome in the south - west, the seat is "Police Atareviah 'A', is among the castles built by the British police in 1936-1939 along the northern border. Half miles south - west seat is preserved pools Reserve (16 acres; ref 1762.2756), where rainwater pool previously used for watering livestock, and in winter live with - small animals of fresh water. Should travel in the region. Including, at a height of 530 meters above sea level, with mountain views cylindrical What could be bad?

Summit site offers a large selection of BB guard, national reputations zimmer, extensive settlement movement vacationers right.

The best bed and breakfasts should mention the B & B "Magic Time" pampering romantic log cabins isolated with large Jacuzzi, sauna and private nature of the "other" is the view of the mountains Mmrafastan Western Galilee and Lebanon. Magic offers sunsets "Trip" in front of a green wood up to.

Another B & B is worth pausing to "Berachta." Berachta "is a romantic luxury B & B in particular private pampering, offering two suites in a natural forest with water splashing water channel into the night Shadow Home" placed well within the natural ...

Zimmer added an area on "summit" strongly recommend it is "cabins Halutma. Three log cabins in the picture. Accommodation in a luxurious and romantic Departed man-made gardens and scenery natural forest. The result I just felt: a combination of paths, lawns, bushes and wild trees that surround the picturesque cottages everywhere. Cabins Halutma contain all of the conditions optimal experience. More Featured summit BB Zimmer "mountain air" B "Magnolia" Zimmer "piece of bar."

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