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Lower Galilee

About zimmer in the north, in Lower Galilee:

Accommodation in Lower Galilee become more part of the tourist map of Accommodation in the North. This is a developing area abundant with beautiful places and not really Mthoyrym. Perhaps is the secret charm of the Lower Galilee. Boundaries of the Lower Galilee Upper Galilee are (Beit Hakerem Valley) north of the Jezreel Valley in the south, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley East Valley West Acre Zevulun plane.

Lower Galilee is located on the south side of the cylinder. It is called "bottom" because he is more plain from the Upper Galilee, and in fact is a low mountainous region in the country - Israel. Peaks of the lower Galilee mountains towering to a height of 500 meters above sea level, the highest peaks are Mount Lemmon (598 m) in the northern part of the Lower Galilee and Mount Tabor (588 m) in the southern part. Some see in the Jezreel Valley area and there are some who see him as a separate landscape unit.

Entire Lower Galilee built low mountain ranges east and west sharpened when deployed their wide valleys such as the Netofa Valley Beit Hakerem Valley. Western Lower Galilee are relatively low hills (200-300 m) covered with oak forests, the center of the Lower Galilee area becomes more mountainous east again slowed to a flat made of basalt hills of volcanic heights of 300 m above sea level. East by the ridges become widespread levels descending from the northeast to the southwest. These levels may also basalt.

Much of the country's agricultural produce comes from the Lower Galilee, the Jezreel Valley in particular the vast Beit Shean Valley.

We collected for you on this page Accommodation located in the Lower Galilee in the north.

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