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Sea of Galilee

About zimmer in the north, the Sea of Galilee;

Sea of Galilee is an inspiration for artists and create great beauty and charm overlooking her landscapes, especially Mount Hermon. Moses lake poet Rachel central theme that has set her next to her. Israeli culture and country songs written by Pazamonim poets Sea of Galilee.

Romantic Accommodation Lake Kinneret:

Accommodation in and around the North located in Lake Kinneret are designed for couples only, offering a romantic holiday "impressive" in the face of Enchanted Lake Kinneret. This is the largest lake in Israel, which contains fresh water. Beyond useful holiday Guest couples around, the lake is one of the sources of drinking water in major irrigation (about 30% in water consumption). Lake is located at 212.5 meters below sea level. Sweet lake and lowest in the world (!). Maximum depth of 46 meters 165 sq km area.

Accommodation in the vicinity of the lake - topographic conditions:

The location is the Great Rift Valley - an African, which causes large topographical gaps (550 m) between it and the surrounding area, thanks to that are the communities, resorts, hotels and romantic bed and breakfasts around the same amazing view that we all know. Sea of Galilee, like the Dead Sea is actually a product of the fracture, and its unique shape is actually curved diamond in time due to weathering of nature. (Fault in the Sea of Galilee was not straight but zigzag, and a horizontal steps, and when one part of it was moved up north, diamond-shaped space is created).

Zimmer in northern Israel - Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights a thriving tourist center;

Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River flows more streams are known in Nahal Amud, Nahal hexagons, river to the river was Jewish, which are also taking a large part in making the Golan Heights area a thriving tourist environment, and attract many tourists who fill Accommodation and Resorts built around the lake, including romantic zimmer elite, boutique hotels, luxury vacation sites established in each area Kinneret. waters of the lake is drawn on - by factory "National Water Carrier." Average rainfall in the Sea of Galilee provides a third of Israel's water consumption. Volume Kinneret beaches range from 60-55 km under high water level. Its highest level is about -169 km lowest level 161 square kilometers.

According to one hypothesis, the name of Galilee, which is derived from the word "violin", is the shape of the lake - a violin shape. However, this hypothesis was probably not true, since the violin's shape is similar to ancient violin as we know it today. This explanation seems created by the disrupting of the words of the Talmud: "Why what is called a violinist, violin voice sweet fruits" (Babylonian Talmud, Megillah and AE, Hebrew).

Sea of Galilee great importance to the Christian faith: Jesus walked by her Christianity, caused the pigs to drown inside possessed (Matthew H), and made the miracle of the loaves and fishes nearby. In general, any conduct of Jesus was around Capernaum, northern and eastern beaches of the lake. (As a Jew, did not like Jesus to walk through the valley area of Tiberias, which was a city of residents "by the authorities" Rome, preferring to detour around the Sea of Galilee ...)

Accommodation, attractions, and activities in Lake Kinneret:

Sea of Galilee is an active recreation resort in the north, and perhaps a little "Jewish" during the rush on weekends. Dozens of existing regulated beaches coast. Some of them extreme activity takes place as a sea cruise boats and motorcycles, water skiing paragliding. For those who want a more calm and quiet activity, it is possible to find the New Entity "quiet, the Sea of Galilee streams trails, observation points around, and stay in romantic zimmer established in isolated areas and quiet.

Few beaches open to the public free of charge, although allowed by law on the regulation of dorsal payment for parking. State Comptroller's special report found that practical free admission at the beaches by foot engine. December 2006 after a legal battle SPNI more green bodies, were removed from the shores of Lake Kinneret dozens fences by court order, and opened dozens of public beaches, which were until then fenced illegally. There Tiberias promenade parallel to the shore, with many restaurants. Hot springs coast, used for recreation and healing. Rosh Pina is not too far - and where you can find everything, B & B luxury, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, art galleries, attractions, and many others.

It concentrated on romantic couples for you Accommodation located north Kinneret. Fun fun!

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