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E.g., 21-07-2019
E.g., 21-07-2019

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee Metula: Matola is a local council colony in the Upper Galilee in northern communities in Israel. Council's jurisdiction is 10,000 acres and is situated on a hill 550 meters high overlooking the hills of Galilee and Mt. Today the population of Matola 1,500 inhabitants (according to CBS the end of 2006).

The name Matola is not known. It is possible that the name came from the word "dew" that describes the fertile land in the area. Another thought is that the colony's farmers chose the name after the name of the previous Druze village on the ground - Aumtallo. A third is that the name comes from the word "Tel" which describes the hill upon which founded the colony (the colony's name was written as early days hanging ").

Matola is an old colony with many vicissitudes. She was purchased in 1893 at the initiative of the Jewish Colonization Association and Baron Rothschild Christian Arab from Sidon named Jabour Bay. In the past sat purchased a Druze village called Aumtolo and land acquisition, joined a number of Jewish communities in the Galilee Druze village of Safed.

In 1895 the Druze uprising broke out against the Turkish rule and the Druze village joined the revolt and was the end of the joint community. Metulla colony was established on 17 May 1896 inhabited by 59 different families Baron colonies (mainly Rishon Lezion Zichron Yaacov).

At the end of World War I was transferred to French control in Lebanon Metulla and in 1923 transferred to British rule. After the War of Independence were a farmer's agricultural lands Metulla Lebanese territory and to stop the hostilities which were residents of the colony.

Many residents make their living from tourism BB Matola and operation of the many cafes and restaurants along the first.

Those looking for quality guest houses Guest summit site offers many quality Metula.

"The Waterfalls" is a B & B like this. Zimmer romantic, bordering the oven Falls landscape is a real gem in our country bed and breakfasts, guests Zimmer winter sound sound of the waterfall from a distance as far Switzerland.

Zimmer added Metula summit site is "Home of the Zohar"

Zohar's home is B & B built by architect and certified as such, Accommodation offers guests meticulous planning and hosting a high level

More at the summit - Beth Shalom. Beth Shalom is a luxury boutique hotel built in over a hundred years old and offers its guests luxurious atmosphere in addition to intimacy.

Bed and breakfasts for guests who want to walk around has much to do.

You can walk in the colony Browse rapids in a stream: "cascade mill" and "D. Pal Ahtanour"a you Lhenutm" Canada Centre "Sports and Recreation Center includes a skating on the ice. Or maybe you want to visit a large archaeological Tel Tel But a stubbed.  

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