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Upper Galilee

About zimmer in the north, the Upper Galilee;

Accommodation in the North are concentrated, substantially, especially in the Upper Galilee. Causes the main attraction is the ... nature. Lots of nature, a clear head. You can do this hiking, horseback and others. It also has cabanas in the Upper Galilee special addition, many tourist attractions such as horse farms, archeological sites, ancient cities and more.

Accommodation in the Upper Galilee - Information for travelers in the north;

Every year, travelers in the Upper Galilee and a half million visitors stream sources of the Jordan, Jordan River, wadis have many tourist attractions in the area. Tourists are staying at a variety of Accommodation in the North, including romantic zimmer, zimmer luxury, B & B luxurious boutique hotels and other accommodation options available in the Upper Galilee.

Upper Galilee is the only region where the northern state of Israel is allowed Cruises streams are running at five different sites. Upper Galilee are also special romantic cabanas luxury boutique hotels, lodging stops well regulated public who are traveling as part of an attempt made in recent years to keep the streams environment damages caused damage to the traveling fans after multiple bed and breakfasts and attractions, visitors to the area north of the country and especially in Upper Galilee.

Upper Galilee - Holiday Accommodation in major centers romantic:

The city of Safed where we found a number of romantic zimmer in selected high-end boutique hotels, attractions tailored to a romantic vacation, called the "capital of the Upper Galilee." Other prominent population centers in the Upper Galilee are Karmiel raise Tarshiha, because of the nature of the area most of the settlement communities in the Upper Galilee is the labor settlements (kibbutzim, seats and colonies), as well, there are many villages of the minority, Bedouin, Druze, Circassians and others.

Most of the eastern Upper Galilee area in the hands of Upper Galilee Regional Council. In 2007 new neighborhoods are being built in most collective degrees Karmiel Upper Galilee, and of course with them and built a variety of new romantic zimmer, trying to provide "new romance" standard romantic northern hospitality. You will find suites including luxury accommodation, luxurious, and designed a standard different from the usual Guest north.

Accommodation in Upper Galilee in the north - a division areas:

Upper Galilee is the northern sub-unit of Galilee, Lower Galilee is separated by the Beit Hakerem Valley, where the higher mountains and narrow valleys and deep. The highest peak in the Upper Galilee is Mount Meron rises 1208 m above sea level. The Upper Galilee extends across about 800 square kilometers.

The Upper Galilee usually divided into three geographical units -

Accommodation in the North - Western Galilee - rising to a height of about 800 meters above sea level, sifted Ramati grooved streams such as deep, narrow stream Betzet, river Kziv Ga'aton River. This area became famous due to expertise in spa-style romantic zimmer.

East - Merom Galil - the central and highest part of the Upper Galilee, Israel - Meron and Gush Gush Peqi'in including the peaks of Mount Meron (1208 m), a huge mountain (1008 m), Mt Hiram (996 m) expected time (734 m ') and other peaks. zimmer romantic luxury in this area usually characterized by spectacular scenery and special locations.

Accommodation in the north - eastern Upper Galilee, including the mountains of Naphtali, Ramot Naftali, Safed hills towering peaks to a height of 1000 m above sea level. This section also established a number of BB and a number of prestigious and luxurious boutique hotels quickly became popular among the public report of Israeli vacationers. Some see the area between the border with Israel - Lebanon and the Litani River as part of the Upper Galilee, calling it "the Lebanese Galilee," but today this approach is not acceptable among geographers.

This argument certainly is not a matter with which the North Accommodation identified the potential to mix business and pleasure, and his unique romantic zimmer in Upper Galilee.

In conclusion: when talking about BB in the north, especially the luxury Accommodation, luxurious and special, talking quite a bit on the BB in the Upper Galilee.

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