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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located deep in the Upper Galilee; community is deep in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel near Safed Hatzor, above the riverbed, Hazor, about 5 km northeast of Safad. Safed side of the road shot down Hazor.

Community belongs to the Galilee Regional Council Merom. The settlement was named after the biblical city located deep probably near the location of the settlement. The community's average height is 705 meters above sea level.

The village was established in 1980 as part of waiting in the Galilee. He sits on the remains of an ancient Jewish settlement of the same name. According to local tradition that appears in the first time in Gilat Eviatar "late 11th century is near the grave of Yonatan Ben Uziel, who is considered a shrine and that attribute to him qualities.

It is customary to go to his grave on Rosh Chodesh, and in the middle of the month - Ko June (day of his death), but can be found in the area of pilgrims throughout the year. A practice that began in the 17th century is a request on the grave of Ben Uziel sustainable seed, good living, land of the children, good health, decent and good marriage match.

Was intended to be a deep "observation point", a tiny settlement of 15 families. In practice, the animals instead of 50 families we're talking about an extension to 100, though - that much the residents want to preserve the character of a smaller city, that integrates the natural landscape.

The animals in 54 families a total of 230 persons from the operation Matfrnsoat BB professions.

Summit site selection can struggle between romantic zimmer, isolated landscape and deep.

Kisses to the edge of the forest, you will find the Zimmer exclusive "Abaktiym. Abaktiym romantic and luxurious B & B is a pool and landscape. Elegant wooden huts with Zimmer take another approach and another ecological value and uniqueness of Zimmer.

Another exclusive deep Zimmer is "Kerem uncles", Zimmer, Zimmer as "Abaktiym" Hana B & B romantic hidden among the vines, appropriately enough guest room with a view, he kisses the rich green vegetation and quiet of the mountains.

Last but not least: B & B Bar in the forest ", which is an exclusive B & B Bar-top luxury B & B in the woods is very luxurious, isolated in nature and landscape scenery ... ...
Lteilnim guys who want to poke your nose Zimmer, highly recommended that you should visit: Tomb of Yonatan Ben Uziel, shot - a castle, river and go to Tel Hazor Hazor.

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