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Rosh Pinna

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee town of Rosh Pinna;

Rosh Pinna is today appealing tourist center in Upper Galilee. Is full of cafes and modern designed houses scattered among the old. Accommodation of this guide are located in Rosh Pnina offer prestige, dignity, authenticity and hospitality cylindrical unique. Great holiday crowd that passes through each day enjoying fine restaurants, spectacular hiking BB particular quality. The old part of the colony is a busy tourist center and active, now there are about 50 Accommodation in Rosh Pina, recovered along streets studded restaurants, pubs and cafes Yun Chen. Accommodation in Rosh Pinna tend to be very romantic and magical because of alleys and galleries of local artists which surround them.

Prime corner location
Rosh Pinna is located on the northern slopes - Oriental of Mount Canaan overlooking the Hula Valley and Golan Heights. Nucleus of the picturesque village first known as "Saturday" were kept intact the old village houses cobbled stone streets. Center of the colony was a bureaucracy, which was established in 1885 and was the center of the colony's administration while she was under the auspices of Baron Rothschild (now displayed instead of a vision of light - Voice of the colony). House officials in the Baron Park, established gardens of Versailles and was inspired by the Baron. More complex are the old synagogue and consistent, the other Jewish school in Israel, home of Dr. Mr. studying the malaria in the Hula Valley in the 30s. The first colony was found near the old cemetery of Rosh Pina in which the first settlers who find their world in the early days of the colony.

Accommodation in Rosh Pina
Rosh Pinna is full of guest rooms rural, B & B boutique hotels, there are many restaurants in a busy shopping center. Accommodation in Rosh Pinna Today, restaurants and other tourist and business economic examined the residents with dignity and still taste of the time. Accommodation in Rosh Pinna and many will offer guided trips around in jeeps, bikes and even on horseback, and visit the many sites, including Nahal Rosh Pinna, Korazim National Park, Safed, Tel Hazor other tour sites.

New tourism venture

New tourism venture was launched recently by local council head turned and his name - Rosh Pinna weekend experience. The project was created to complete the pampering experience of hospitality to give the head turned to hosted content and purposes of their hospitality during the colony. In the first stage is awarded a guided tour of the ancient alleys Rosh Pinna, a vision of light - Sonic House Civil Lines, workshops and body - mind Friday and Saturday, and 3 movies a symbolic price of NIS 28 visitor / A Rosh Pinna Cinematheque. Cinematheque is located in an old stone house unique center seat is the only cinema in the north.

Rosh Pinna Cinematheque, which is one of the country Cinematheques 5, special funds have a total commercial and radiation weekends have about 10 movies every now and then meetings with directors and form. In addition to foods by Fair will be held every weekend at the head turned to the old city. All activities financed by the local council are granted to guests at no charge except the entrance to the cinema.

We are sure you have added content is the future, even more content, will contribute much fun hosted by the Summit site. The contents of this weekend Zimmer waiting for you from your head Peni. Art fans waiting for the creation of a detailed map in the head turned to artists. You are invited to call, to coordinate visiting artists.

To get more details, ask the owner of Zimmer, or call directly (do not be ashamed!) Rina Offenbach Project Manager, Cancel: 054-4243724
Pleasant vacation experience!

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