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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee town shot:

Abahpsnu BB romantic / upscale community in northern focus shot. Near the settlement, located in the Upper Galilee, is shot in Fort incidents occurred in so-called "rise of Cabiria" constituted a milestone in the British Mandate authorities struggle for the establishment of Israel. Castle shot a romantic attraction is hosted in its own right.

Algeria, the contemporary village several kilometers away from the historic village of Independence War, which was severely damaged and destroyed. In 1949, immigrant camp was established in abandoned after several years. Settlement was established in 1971 and the last time. In 2006 there were about a hundred and seventy families in the community (about -670 persons) who were mostly professions. Community children in school in Safed. Shot belonged to the settlement of Merom Galilee Regional Council. Accommodation in luxury / romantic located north of Cabiria characterized as landmarks and their relations with a view from their windows reflecting the green forest. Recommended forest walks especially for couples who want a special romantic experience.

Session shot was founded in 1949 as a village foresters - people engaged in forestry, the place of the Arab village of "shot" one kilometer from Safed. The site is located in the heart of the rows of trees, mainly pine forest and near Safed. It is therefore the most perfect set up a luxurious and prestigious and romantic B & B in the shot.
Near the burial caves have a seat and a restored castle and ancient seat as familiar as it is built on the ancient Jewish town "Abiria" or "shooting" from the Second Temple. Jewish community remains even after a period due to the fact that instead of living Tanna "Lazarus Man Abiria" Amorai "Father in awe." The 12th to the 16 passengers were Jewish documents that arrived on their way to Safed. Mid-century - 17 community lived "Rabbi Joseph Caro" when he wrote the "lifestyle", the first part of the "Shulchan Aruch". At that time the Jews began to leave the village. After the "big noise" in Safed in 1837 was "Lbeiria" printing house of Israel at the Hebrew.
Bone War served as a basis for settlement enemy encirclement as part of the city of Safed and so he was taken before the Declaration of Independence.
In 1908, Baron Rothschild purchased approximately 4,000 acres north of "Cabiria" but Ahpaulim group came to redeem the land could not hold on to the site.
Ask members in 1945 "Defense" to reinforce the Jewish community in Palestine following the laws of the White Paper so they saved the fort and used it as a base instead of holding on. After struggles with the British, who are members of the group were arrested in the "Ko", the fighters returned to settle in the fortress defense until after the end of the War of Independence.

Vacationers who wish to travel outside the guest room luxurious romantic pampering Cabiria, are invited to stroll the fort is used today as a museum tells the history of the settlement. You can also see from the north and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Although workers in the Jewish National Fund office tower castle tower is used to detect a fire in the woods.
For those who wish to pursue a cylindrical mountain air is invited to travel with the vehicle from the castle Metulla when Ngelup way on Mount Esau, Naftali Fund Temple, Fort helpless, then Metulla Kfar Giladi.

Make a living by shooting in foreign works, forestry and tourism. Site "summit" strongly recommend to visit Guest romantic, Mpnkeym prestigious seat shot.


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