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Gift is a magical, pastoral community in the Upper Galilee near the border between Israel and Lebanon about 3 km. Sasa Northwest. Terms associated with municipal settlement Ma'ale Yosef Regional Council. Its average altitude is 800 m above sea level, what gives him an advantage when it comes to vacation Even during the hot summer

Instead of the current settlement began in 1979 a gift was the first locality communities "awaiting plan" of the eighties, a rural community. Donation of observatories designed to be one small, and appoint seven families only. Additional families arrived gradually, for two years, we have prepared temporary housing until permanent buildings construction. In time, additional families were added to the latest master plan aimed Last 70 families.

I wonder where the same gift to the community on which it stands the mountain - Mount a gift (yes, a gift worth Gematria to -840, which is exactly the height of Mt gift above sea level). Result from its geographical topographical height of the settlement and because the weather is relatively comfortable (temperature rarely rises above 25 °, the degree of humidity is usually low and the nights cool. Average rainfall is over 800 mm and sometimes snowing.) Settlement and couples who want the most attractive Guest romantic, exclusive and luxurious Ilya flocking in droves.

Currently 185 community living residents (according to Central Bureau of Statistics December 2006) and the community has about 40 families. Many families from the community one or a few B & B Accommodation.

Many precipitation amounts relatively dense vegetation and create a green hilly landscape and magical. Add to this the gorgeous landscape beautiful slopes, and you get to build BB Pnatstem conditions. Indeed, most bed and breakfasts community enjoy complete privacy as the ground vegetation allow the construction of units embedded among the woods and learned that they came to Kirby. The best of them submit to you the summit site. You can choose from a variety of BB are isolated on all that meet all tastes and requirements.

Land of Genesis - is a B & B overlooking secluded luxurious plus landscape, the valley, in addition to being isolated with a view of the ecological approach. Others are isolated zimmer Tree of Life, the top gift of a simple story. U & Who - luxury cabanas also belongs, Vmpnkeym.

Objects out of bed and breakfasts for guests of all excursions that good gift of travel lovers is highly recommended to visit the Cave of the gap, forest Baram Baram antiques, or to jump the Mount Meron reserve very far.

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