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Netiv Hashayara

About Accommodation located north of the country caravan route in the Western Galilee: the convoy route is a seat belonging to the movement of the seats. Galilee coastal plain location, 3 km south - east of Nahariya. Attributed in municipal Asher Regional Council. Today, he has 436 residents.

Guests Guest caravan route you should know what is origin of the name. "Caravan route" in memory of warriors called Yehiam convoy, killed in the War of Independence, when they tried to break the road to the besieged Yehiam. The moshav was founded two years after the Revolutionary War in 1950 by a group of immigrants from Iraq and Iran, on the lands of the abandoned Arab village - E. M. Dubai first named ("abundance").

Zimmers reputable caravan route in the substantial quality of service, hospitality and pampering in particular. Summit website offers several alternatives to host Guest respectable romantic, isolated quality in particular.

B & B that is "the path for lovers." Zimmer, Sachshmu It also makes you "fall in love a second time ..." Fall in love with an avocado orchard in the heart of privacy, still green and wild fall in love in the privacy and quality Bed & Breakfast provides beautifully romantic experience.

Another site that offers B & B "summit" caravan route was "a thing of Eden." "Thing of Eden" is a particularly luxurious romantic B & B making room for love ... Zimmer offers guests two secluded log cabins romantic sticking (like in a fairy tale) of a banana plantation that surrounds them completely. Instead of absolute privacy. Instead of broadcasting every sense of space parity. If we add that the amount of the "Inoakim" served rare in abundance, the complete realization of that fantasy. It's about Guest isolated, high quality and rare indeed.

Bed and breakfasts for guests who want to walk in, you may want to visit the enchanting beaches fail, at which point the head Hanikra less familiar - Sheikh Danon. On the hill near the caravan route ever since the Arab village of Al by Josiah. Today, can be found in the tomb local sheik in the spring flowering trees and fruit in summer generate. Parts of old clothes hanging on a tree near the grave, indicate that the man buried here is righteous. Like elsewhere in the world, even here, the faithful tend to stretch out their requests before the righteous, and finally leave a place physically touched item. Please note: This is not a declared site picnics, just in kind, to stretch out hits.

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