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The Golan Heights

About zimmer in the north, the Golan Heights;

The Golan Heights has long been a tourist center, the region hosted Accommodation wanted in the north. Geographically bounded by the level drop of 600 meters to the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River in the west, the Yarmuk River in the south, Mount Hermon in the north. East geographical boundary is not clear, and the plains of Syria continue to a depth so it is customary limits the ceasefire line from 1973. Kinneret is the largest lake in Israel, which contains fresh water sources is one of the largest drinking water and irrigation in Israel (about 30% water consumption country). The beauty of the place weather attracts many visitors are hosted in a variety of special selected zimmer established in the area.

Golan Heights - information about the area:

Golan Heights there are 32 Jewish settlements are bound to the Golan Regional Council, which live about 11 thousand people. In addition to the four regional councils to Druze inhabit nearly 20,000 residents. Until the early twentieth century was not a separate area of the Golan region politically from the rest of Israel. Hebrews were the Golan region from occupation by Og in the country during the conquest of Joshua. Mishnah and Talmud in Jewish settlements in the area were numerous but until the 10th century were all gone and the area is relatively empty of its inhabitants.

At the end of the 19th century, several attempts were made by Jews to settle in the Golan Heights but they failed. Achsnkeaba border between the British Mandate, the French mandate over Syria in 1923, following the Sykes-Picot agreement, it was decided that the Golan is Syrian territory, with some restrictions related to water (the British Mandate included 10 meters from the lake and who Banias). Before occupation of the Golan in 1967, lived there about 130 thousand people. He was relatively sparsely populated center in the southern part Circassians and Druze greater density of the existing northern and Druze communities to this day.

Accommodation in the northern Golan Heights - a romantic nature experience:

Level - the Golan streams, which provide about a third from the lake, making the experience unique luxury resort Guest surrounding romantic experience for couples and special nature. Which divide the three most prominent level - the Golan Heights into three parts - the northern (between Nahal Hermon C Ilbon), central (between Nahal C Ilbon creek dahlias) and southern (between Nahal Yarmuk varicose veins). These attractions Zimmer made for building many romantic choice in the region. Locate "peak" center here to luxury Accommodation Golan Heights in the north are designated for couples only. Guest particularly romantic and awareness service.

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