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Had Ness

Ness is a community with a clear tourist nature. An attractive location, is one of the pit of the Golan Heights, toward the Sea of Galilee. Many BB viewers into the Sea of Galilee, which at sea level and contribute a lot of popularity in his first-rate tourism as a settlement. Vacationers looking for Accommodation Accommodation in the north belonging to romantic or those seeking luxury Accommodation will properly address here.

For "Nes" two meanings: one - in the spirit of the slogan of Jabotinsky: Flag (miracle) one each with Israel. II - "Ness": an acronym for locust tree, Dikla, Neot Sinai - the names of towns were evacuated with return of the Sinai to Egypt. Despite the intention expressed by name, settling instead of families evacuated from the Sinai settlement was established in 1989 without even a family evacuated from the Sinai.

Community offers a wide variety of shapes and seductive accommodation, but focuses primarily Guest. Abahed Ness zimmer meet all requirements and flavors: from Zimmer families, B & B suites for couples, B & B romantic, luxury Accommodation Accommodation with swimming pool and much more.

High level of hospitality can be found at: Suite - Piazza del Sol, BB romantic "Light Foundation, a prestigious complex Zimmer -" Canaan Villaz, Zimmer anicca, B & B "Land of Ophir" suites "Karma in the Golan." Instead of a wide range of recreational activities: horseback riding, ATV, Jeep tours and activities River. Shanti lovers: There are instead a wide range of spa treatments and relaxation.

Today, the village Nes is the momentum of a significant development - 150 families are building their home in the new expansion. Many of them chose to incorporate the new pavilion five or six guest cabins and suites. Around the community can easily find picnic sites and targets Pstoreleime trips for families, good walkers are less.

Jordan Park is located within driving distance of a few minutes, the Jordan River, not far from where he spilled the Sea of Galilee. The complex is nice resort outdoors. Green pastures and spacious, picnic tables, drinking water, showers and bathrooms, playground equipment for children, snack bar, hiking routes marked an important ancient site - a place equipped.

Water Tours enthusiasts - you can walk "tours wet" Valuable House Cyeda streams, (Zaki Majdel Remove) There's nothing like a refreshing walk on the water fun of the hot summer. More in:

A hug, Jordan Park swimming pool officers hexagonal and much more, all are within driving distance of a few minutes from the community.

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