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About Zimmer in northern Israel town located on the Golan Heights Nimrod:

In January 1999 four families came to the point where the Nimrod sat Nahal settlement since the early '80s. Nimrod, located at - the Golan Heights, the perception of rural character encourages his attention to the environment, from this, zimmer Nimrod environmentally designed and built taking into account the presence of organic materials natural. special sense also contribute to the apple and cherries fields surrounding the village then color the picture colors that looks out their window of Accommodation Nimrod.

Guest scenic overlook these snowy peaks, South Lebanon, the Hula Valley and the Sea of Galilee Ginosar Valley. Wide seam between the level of Hermon - Golan fully exposed through the porches of the zimmer Nimrod. Community members believe in creating harmony with nature that surrounds them to strengthen ties with neighbors and best Druze, and the presence of Hermon always looms over the village and adds many powerful romantic experience are given BB.

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