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Ma'ale Gamla

Accommodation located in northern Israel on the Golan Heights, settlement Ma'ale Gamla BB:


Moshav Ma'ale Gamla was founded in 1977 by a group seeking to establish a movement of seats in the house near the intersection of varicose veins. Settlement from the shoulder of the mountain slopes of the river in the north and varicose Catfish Creek South. Above the village, the road is a wonderful vantage point - an observation point "Bethsaida" from which you can watch the scenery in the area. Therefore found it necessary to Thosbei Ma'ale Gamla Kim Zimmer and exclusive pampering romantic couples with an amazing view.


Romantic couples who want to go to B & B luxurious pampering in Ma'ale Gamla are invited to walk two miles to the south and reach the "exanthema Wing" - destroyed a Syrian settlement. This is the opportunity to note that those nets Enjoy SUV space travel through the dirt track. The remains were discovered recently on a large synagogue magnificent dimensions. West village stone house probably has far each area of East Sea of Galilee, next to a small orchard planted with fruit trees and olive grove. This house archaeologists found more evidence that state that where Jews lived in the Mishnah and Talmud.

The place discovered by Sir Laurence Oliphant wrote that he saw a large frame on which is engraved the inscription "... tea Edacher Ltab Llosa Chen-year-old passed a bar ..." Meaning: "May the blessing her memorable Yosef Ben Chen past year (Estate )...". This is a common style of address in synagogues during the holy Mishnah and Talmud. Today archaeologists are parts remains the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. Great West Village building walls that crossed - this is the basis for later construction of the house more ancient period, could have been the floor of the synagogue was but apparently early 19th century became the barn.

Arab north of the barn structure embedded stones were carved. On one stone is also protective of Jehoshaphat - a measure of eight ribs. These were probably Mezuzah decorated. West of the building has a vantage point from which you can see the beauty of the upper and lower Galilee Sea of Galilee Valley.

Living community residents earn about three hundred banana crops, orchards, chicken, sheep and luxurious B & B that are a source of romantic attraction of tourists seat Ma'ale Gamla.

Summit website recommends a beach to enjoy the bed and breakfasts "to touch the landscape", "Quiet in the cloud" and "tooth, hosting the Golan", since it is a luxury Guest pampering that make the visit to the settlement Ma'ale Gamla special romantic holiday.

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