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E.g., 16-07-2019
E.g., 16-07-2019

Romantic Accommodation adapted for disabled access to a relatively high offer:

"Disabled " This is not one entity

Unfortunately, the interpretation of the needs of disabled people in the country, especially when it involves the B & B, is a reference to the stereotyped Inclusive infected.

Do not forget that the word "disabled " includes individuals with a wide range of needs, disabilities, but also tastes and preferences, like all of us. So when it comes to vacation Zimmer disabled. You can say that the fact that preferences "disabled " diverse as the preferences of all holidaymakers bed and breakfasts.
However, one can not ignore that there is common infrastructure adapted for disabled Zimmer, it must be installed in advance and make sure in advance that there is. And if that infrastructure is installed, the Zimmer match the needs of a specific guest: You can not compare a high Kovdripg needs (disabled suffers from four limbs Go) Lfrafg low (lower body hurt without involvement of arms and abdominal muscles involved) for limited movement of the last lot less significant.

Wide range of disabled people, disabled them have an audience has a wide range of technical solutions and responses make it easy to transport in general conduct Zimmer disabled in particular.
Many diverse solutions: from massive scooter, through various types of wheelchairs, do not forget the material handling solutions in the "easy " as walkers crutches of various kinds. These solutions are specifically tailored and developed the various needs of the disabled, not always aware of them with bed and breakfasts: equilibrium problems, stable, and Self-propelled.

Disabled? Not What You Thought

Disabled people are not dead, God forbid, and bed and breakfasts handicapped may be surprised a crowd of several facts about the disabled. Did you know that victims of such activity of the spinal cord can be done and Loitarm wide variety of conditions such as water adapted sports, sitting in a wheelchair in the shower, a variety of alternative treatments for various activities on mattresses? Or even horseback riding?

Therefore, B & B is recommended for the disabled may well include a swimming pool, offering sporting activities, spa treatments and sports riding strict Longeish long as the activities for the disabled.

Accessibility - Name Game

Accommodation Handicap accessible enable short trips tailored Lhalichunim, wheelchairs scooter,
B & B offers easy parking for disabled and wide, paved with asphalt and gravel road, with room enough for the car beside me download a wheelchair.
Romantic Accommodation Handicap adapted vehicles will offer developers all the doors, do not build with stairs if there is such an accessible ramp will be offered alongside
Recommended Accommodation Handicap will offer a short driveway to develop Zimmer.
Accommodation in luxury with a pool for the disabled will offer safe and accessible swimming pool, sports activities and pampering treatments custom tailored to unique needs of the disabled audience.

Important questions to ask the owner of Zimmer

Be surprised but it's not a dream! Accommodation in the North are disabled and not a few!
To determine whether Zimmer Handicap accessible and suitable for you specifically, do not forget to check the following points:

Recommended Accommodation Handicap - Doors and developers

If you are self-propelled wheelchair, do not forget to make sure the width of the developers and the doors Zimmer. Zimmer adapted for the disabled will never develop their width exceeds 90 Net S 'm and that includes everything: shower doors and services, and even the garden.

Recommended Accommodation Handicap - stairs

It is important to make sure the steps that a Zimmer Zimmer, or is there a ramp available beside them and ask him to install it in advance, before you come.


It is important to make sure the room with a Zimmer will not be too crowded with furniture and objects, so that you shift interval

Recommended Accommodation Handicap - Accessible work surfaces

It is important to find out that the kitchen work surfaces and is designed for high, with legroom that is low enough equipped accessories to be accessible and you can get you in comfort accessories and tools.

Recommended Romantic Accommodation Handicap - Sanitation

It is important to find out that the third / Jacuzzi daughter or spouse. Suitable for you too slow and that it is equipped with a sitting chair, or one facility satisfying the wishes. Alternatively you can bring a folding chair and a bath house, a laptop bag.
If marker unit, verify that you can roll to "marker " with a wheelchair.
Asked if the sink is accessible very important to ensure that there are outposts in the shower wall!

Handicap Recommended Accommodation - Accommodation

It is important to ensure that a comfortable bed, too low and there is no option available and easy to move a wheelchair to bed, comfortably and independently.

Accommodation in luxury with swimming pool

Many disabled people are very fond of swimming but only in a few zimmer provide handicap accessible pool.
Make sure with a Zimmer rails are not exposed to the sun, so there will be hot when you need them
Determine if there is only a small portion of the total pool, wheelchair accessible, ie only a very limited area there are no stairs to access the pool, if there is a ladder in the pool and of course convenient wheelchair ramp.

In conclusion

Romantic vacation Zimmer organization Handicap She made a little more complicated, but certainly possible. Accommodation in the North are disabled with romantic recommended range of services and attractions that with planning you can weave a magical and romantic vacation Zimmer handicap accessible.

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