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Deluxe B&B vacation rental accommodation recommended by Internet surfers

Accommodation on the relationship between recommended, users recommended in the prestigious resort quality

Often we hear the character "irate" of Israeli culture is expressed by the nature of writing the "sea" Almost forums and reactions around the web (you have tried recently to survive talkback about an article on BBC ?...). They all know the feeling of "I deserve" certain sectors of our midst.

Despite these concerns, several years ago decided Guide System "summit" of the opinion that the users are on vacation dreams Recommended Accommodation compound appearing on the Site should be weighted in their presentation of bed and breakfasts. Vacationers become another arm of fact "critical" of the guide, to ensure the preservation of high standards found during inspections conducted by visiting / A system. Users create virtually Aktiguriit "Recommended Accommodation."

According to this approach - running holiday messages, as well as offline, even the inside of each card Zimmer.

Recommended Accommodation - reliability reviews:

I am pleased to note that over the years in which we transferred the complexes and determination of grades of recommended bed and breakfasts directory to you, surfers, have proven maturity, responsibility, very seriously reasoned opinion at the time of Aharkotichma. It turns out the public opinion is not active in forums is so based, and includes data on the higher market segment is home to a population-based cross-section, and awareness and experience.

To our surprise, we encountered even tune the opposite phenomenon: Many visitors to enjoy the Zionists so that they provide are no less perfect (10.0) each parameter. We had to make explanations (see forum) and ask for help from Zion "management" if the reality was just a "good" a certain parameter. But it's hard to force users "download" easy marks ...: We are happy to tell that the average score of the cabanas at the forum users guide is very high (above 9.0).

Guest particularly recommended - method:

How to succeed in hosting the summit to guide these standards? It usually hosts with experience, who made a decision at some point to focus on quality and prestigious market segment more - BB romantic couples seeking luxury resort management. With this decision, it is clear to everyone that's not enough to design an expensive B & B when he was - should give it hosted at the added value that we guide the summit, seen as a particularly significant value, professional service, attentive and warm - over time.

We all know that the luxury market segment / romantic attracts vacationers with heightened awareness service, hosting, design and privacy. Most vacationers have a great experience based on a romantic vacation luxury Accommodation worldwide. Zimmer does not start while disparaging them prestigious. On the contrary! - With many prestigious zimmer do everything, above and beyond to pamper the guest and surprise him totally unexpected luxuries, the sky is an emphasis on romantic themes. This behavior creates "emotional connection" between the host and hosted, which directly affects the quality of romantic vacation (and of course affects the pleasure it felt a compound bed and breakfasts at work ...).

This spirit of service that blows among them and to guide Recommended Accommodation we aim. Proof of the success of this spirit is the opinion of users: Read the many opinions indicates that hosted the most important issue is the quality of service, and we are delighted to have given them grades prestigious Recommended BB compound found in our directory.

Recommended luxury Accommodation - advertising "word of mouth":

The high involvement of the users guide makes for luxurious romantic zimmer different marketing method - word of mouth. " Guide to the summit is an excellent platform for this, since opinions of the users in a completely exposed. As a result, with many prestigious complexes Accommodation Guide chose not to market themselves in any other platform, because they do not need it in terms of occupancy. True, sometimes the level of the "honors" compounds Many just crazy. Unable to finish the munchies or drink anything served. Rabbi Ahmorap indulgence can be seen on the hosted approach, "not economic" which increases the costs of the owner in a competitive market. But the opposite happens in practice: esteem felt by vacationers hosts as a result contribute much in making Zimmer recommended romantic guest room and "Polar" and encourages the success of publication of this recommended Zimmer loyal audience.

In this section we concentrated luxury you romantic and luxurious BB, BB specifically recommended by vacationers: Accommodation with an average score of 9.70 or higher, and at least one three-point rating 'last. Zimmer these recommended bed and breakfasts are among the best in the country, and constitute the "order" of the domain hosting. I wish you continued joy complete them, and hope you continue, independent critics, to be involved in the making our experience to improve Israel's prestigious resort.

Erez Meirav,
Editor Guide "summit".

Would love to get comments: Contact@hapisga.co.il

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