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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee town Amirim:

Session emirs are at the foot of Mount Meron reserve Nahal Amud. The moshav was founded in 1950 by immigrants from Yemen and at first was called "Separated industries. With the beginning of the 50s were made several attempts to establish a seat of immigrants from Morocco, called "Boost II", but these attempts have failed. Finally, the seat was established in 1958 by members of the movement of the seats of solid core vegetarians intention to establish a unique community in which all people refrain from killing animals for food.

The group wanted to hold this related activities to promote the belief in vegetarianism. This approach is expressed in the organic vegan cooking served in restaurants and Guest Guesthouse become a population magnet link vegetarianism vegan. This is one of the first settlements established in Accommodation in luxurious and exclusive.

Mountain towering over the settlement of Mitzpe Day "at the top of 734 meters above sea level, it can see the Mediterranean Sea and Sea of Galilee. Such a special place with a view Pnoramit remarkable, residents chose to build a peaceful settlement of prestigious Omaatpnkeym BB.

Is a mountain village with Kfir come Paknik tables where couples can spend a romantic nature.

Session emirs, the known uniqueness and beauty, bathed in the woods and induces an atmosphere of peace and serenity. BB Guesthouse offer hospitality as part of a variety of pampering spa treatments and health, coffee shops, vegetarian restaurants with amazing food, music concerts, galleries, jeep tours and closeness abundance attractions, hiking, water sites and beautiful nature. Settlement in 2006 counted more than 100 families, of which dozens of families formed Accommodation Guesthouse.

Site Summit Recommendation of pampering and exclusive twenty Cmirim in emirs.

Bed and breakfasts in the emirs are BB exclusive, luxurious quality built high level of finish, a site highly recommend the number of BB and check on "summit" that you intend to invite guest houses had recommended the site.

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