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Deluxe B&B vacation rentals for the religious

Accommodation in the religious public, which BB blue beach ...

Romantic Accommodation northern religious and observant, not to mention the ultra-Orthodox public zimmer rare in these parts at the north in particular.
Accommodation There are plenty of luxurious and exclusive, pampering play BB multiply break the country, the sand that is on the beach (like, never strictly separated in the wash)

BB religious - less

But not always Colaym pampering these BB's special needs population or even national religious ultra-Orthodox population in Israel, who is also looking for special Sabbaths often do not lap the extended family.

Thus, bed and breakfasts in North offer luxurious accommodation you usually high, but not always including the possibility of hosting or kosher food kosher or Mehadrin, and honors and treats, chocolates and Manny Ahatragima allegedly supposed to be kosher, without fear of foreign milk, for example, do not always like that. In addition - the lack of plate Saturday may impair the pleasure the couple hosted Shabbat delicacies, even if they are strictly kosher.

Moreover, it is not always located in the community is isolated settlement Zimmer keeps Saturday and many sets of traffic religious community, even if it is poor, disturbing them.

We add that there is always a synagogue within walking distance since most of the Guest hosting this weekend is a critical issue for religious couples looking for high quality accommodation.

Sometimes, when it comes to Zimmer in the western Galilee or Sea of Galilee, has brought the beach. If the beach in question is a beach involved - there is a shared bathroom for men and women, religious couples can not make the most pleasure
Ditto "to separate pools for: B & B with a pool and not separated minimal arrangements which maintain modesty-bears, will not be able to host religious couples.

So how appropriate B & B for the religious?

In fact, with little awareness, in almost every bed and breakfasts can easily host a religious families because couples do not need kosher certificate, as distinct from restaurants for example.
All the owner needs to do is to install a plate in the kitchen Saturday, sinks, toilets, beds, with the possibility of separation, strictly kosher certificate of the food honors, let a couple stay Zimmer object to that Saturday night, as it could go home in his car, allow separation and modesty environment Zimmer and the pool, if there.

This relatively small changes in cost of B & B do not require large financial resources, these changes may generate a large profit in the future, they are the owner of Zimmer, are hosted in religious couples.

Accommodation with the religious - did Mitzvah

Therefore, with some minor changes and little attention to this delicate and sensitive point can have many to do mitzvah BB, adapt to convert the Zimmer hosted by religious and expand the circle of their potential customers is also hosting religious couples that they deserve.

The change has been blessed by

Already, a growing awareness by both points here, and with the development and market bed and breakfasts in the north country, raising awareness of the unique religious needs in a new niche has developed a zimmer for religious couples.

Religious guest houses offering packages tailor-made in person and give Hill "Q, an optimal solution for religious training, chastity, purity and sanctity of this population.

Guest religious people became very important work on various issues topics: bed and breakfasts located in the communities in which synagogues, kosher restaurants, guest rooms are designed baths planned with appropriate infrastructure such as sinks Zimmer separated himself, can separate the beds, go, ensuring issues of hybrid and '. Itineraries sewn unique interest to the religious community (as tours of the tombs of historic sites that are missing in general in the north in particular, especially in the regions of Safed, Meron, Galilee) and places of entertainment attractions were opened to the religious.

We have chosen are some are around BB appropriate to the religious character - we wish you a perfect vacation is "that wherever you choose to vacation.

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