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About Accommodation located in the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel kohl community:

Kahal, Settlement in the eastern Galilee, about 5 kilometers southwest of the intersection Amiad Hermon Introductions Council belongs. Where kohl's seat now resides, located at a height of one hundred and forty feet above sea level, previously codenamed "a kind of eye kohl." Kohl used to name probably influenced by the blue waters of nearby Lake Kinneret. More thought is named after the settlement kohl bird. The location of the settlement, the Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee, over the Sea of Galilee and the fact that he was watching the stream page made it an attractive target for cabanas.

Kahal was founded in 1980 as the seat designated for settlement of the Galilee seats. At that time in which 40 units were built. Later the settlement was expanded by establishing a region of 30 units, and already have become a community again. Today (2008) is the number of kohl on the community residents and is designed to contain 345 to 100 families in the near future. Kohl agricultural residents now make their living primarily from an increase groves, cattle little meat chicken. rest from work outside the community, various initiatives Accommodation Tourism.

Summit website displays kohl the BB "Romance Merom." Special Guest is always exciting. In the blue Pacific and Israel both Jewish son indulgent romantic and isolated BB: log cabins are separated from each other completely.

Summit site offers more kohl the BB "these onions suites. Guest is romantic, luxurious and prestigious. Warmth envelops the elegance of the suites, keeping the place clean Guest is superb, the lace covering means huge bed should not be forgotten. Compound "those onions", contains two romantic zimmer view, unique and lovely wooden cabins with a touch of feminine intimacy.

Guests of bed and breakfasts in the area walk to things they knew that the mascara has a beautiful view of the River Rye Page The "bottom." More should visit Abkorazim - an ancient settlement, Upper Nahal Amud track.

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