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Kerem Ben Zimra

About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee Kerem Ben Zamora

Kerem Ben singing is a seat in the Upper Galilee near Safed regional council Merom Galilee.

The moshav was founded in 1949 by immigrants from Turkey, joined by immigrants from Romania and Morocco. The name of the seat is the name of Rabbi David Ben Azamra who was buried along with his father, Rabbi Yosef, near the settlement.

The summit presents Zimmer "View Vineyard" singing old vineyard. Abcimer"ne body vineyards "guests can experience a kind of Israeli Tuscany: beauty, tranquility and romantic distinguish it very reminiscent of the atmosphere in Tuscany. Thus, the southwest edge of the seat and the hosts failed to build a luxury pamper BB very high quality. Zimmer huge in size, B & B Romantic, with breathtaking scenery and get straight to the heart, through the windows, the view of "Etlaki" sweet. By the way, also praised the prime minister left the guest book of Zimmer.

Summit site offers more bed and breakfasts undecided guests the Zimmer "Sarah's Mansion." Sarah and Jacob Zimmer mansion five charming guestrooms. Area bed and breakfasts in the garden surrounded by beautiful large swimming pool inside. Guest will find thinking about every detail, from high in my direction pampering and privacy landscape, through the painted pavement tiles, warm furnishings and quality, bouquets of roses adorn each corner and let the romantic sense of time. " This place is simply "stitched" well - his definition for more ...

Finally the summit site offers you to stay Zimmer "Exposure" in the words of the municipality, with Zimmer "... I try to put myself to" me "to my guests Zimmer thinking how to make their experience surprisingly, personally, very luxurious. Quickly realized that this was The only way to make guests Zimmer to be "Ambassadors", to recommend the place to those looking for other B & B, and of course back again "unquote. you only have left to enjoy the wonder of it: romantic zimmer pampering with a pool, jacuzzi, huge, talented and hosts many treats.

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