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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Golan Abkorazim: Korazim community is a rural settlement in northern Galilee, near the intersection Amiad, Tiberias Back on the road - corner. 20-30 minutes drive away from Safed, Tiberias, Kiryat - eight in Karmiel.

Those vacationers who want to vacation in luxury or romantic BB offers a guide to the summit which will be happy to hear the settlement, rose 370 m above sea level, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and its environs, to the peaks of Mount Hermon, Golan Heights and Galilee.

Today, about 103 companies in the country - families, inhabit the area of population of the village first. Korazim site is located near the ancient settlement site Korazim. Korazim is an ancient settlement from the Mishna and the Talmud, which had been intact since the beginning of the first century AD to eighth century. Korazim ancient archaeological site has been identified called Khirbet Barraza about 4 miles north of Capernaum. The site is now a national park. There were many buildings most important of which is a synagogue. Restoration work was done not only in the synagogue but the entire city, its streets and drink. Also found hope, water cisterns, three olive presses. And restored normal houses.

The new settlement "Korazim"a her to the ground in 1982, a private initiative of a few families. He belongs to the farmers' association was established in order to create a framework that gives private settlement quality of life for its citizens.

As befits a community gives its residents quality of life, Abkorazim you will find many BB. Site Summit offers you the quality of these bed and breakfasts. B & B "Vista Bonita" is the B & B with view, Zimmer also belongs to the category Accommodation Mpnkeym site.

As mentioned, the place offers an enchanting view special, which is open in all directions just a meeting between water and mountains and sky.
It's all very close: the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, Hermon, Safed and the Galilee mountains, all of them, reach out and touch. Accommodation can be found here luxury, B & B with pool, B & B romantic and varied information. It should be added also that the B & B "Vista Bonita" is not only luxurious but also Zimmer Zimmer romantic. Guests of bed and breakfasts things go for a walk outside the guest room, you should know that you can stroll by the nearby Upper Galilee, the Golan and Galilee regions, the variety of sites and activities, very good idea to walk into the garden surrounding the ancient settlement Korazim, standing here during the Mishna and Talmud.

More you should know that next Lkorazim horse farm can enjoy a selection of Atkartzioat.

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