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Deluxe B&B vacation rentals with a view

Accommodation with the romantic view, compared to resort to the neighbor's front yard:

It starts with a small ad on the site you saw or heard BB romantic B & B Romantic recommendation on your friends who visited recently Zimmer and never cease to praise the secrets, including the amazing view of the landscape

According to them, This is almost always something I have not seen: a stunning view from the window Zimmer! You have to see what it is! It's something you have never seen but only in Tuscany / thousands / Paris / Marrakech / Sahara

Your imagination glands start working overtime, tourist appetite starts to drool and you do not really remember you went on holiday for four years and the romantic view Zimmer last year which were amazing view of the prestigious neighbor windows Zimmer Zimmer Zimmer pampering and luxurious next to the opposite. I mean - really nothing.

So, in order to prevent the recurrence of future disappointments this style we have chosen to bring you here a number of small jugs and tips on Informed choice of BB with a view.

Guest with a view - our country landscapes

Israel is a small country but certainly the most diverse landscape in terms of area (climate) in which. First and foremost, do not expect cabanas with views "like out of the country 'like trying to sell you. Despite the great diversity of the many climate zones relatively small area, the landscape, after all, is Mediterranean, although very diverse.

Guest with view on the Golan Heights: Recommended Romantic Accommodation located in this area enjoy its landscape characteristics are a flat level, green in winter, sometimes snowy, it's likely Ishakiapo mountain slopes, basalt rocks, may also the Sea of Galilee

B & B with a view of Upper Galilee - B & B romantic view of this area, Ishakip mountain view, green, including vegetation "European " more (like Lebanon Cedar)
Western Galilee, impossible not to include the sea cliffs landscape description.

B & B with view located in the Lower Galilee - BB romance with a view located in this area Ishakiapo landscape dominated by green hills, with a Mediterranean vegetation Ishakip green landscape of hills and oak or those

Accommodation in the coastal plain view - in the coastal plain is decreasing compared these bed and breakfasts but there are observers - a flat landscape, which includes rural communities, urban and agricultural communities.

BB viewers romantic landscape in the Jerusalem area Ishakiapo gently on the levels, domes and walls.
Zimmer windows with view of the Negev Look at the endless plains, the green flowers in winter covered with a colorful dress
Arava desert.

Accommodation with a View - twin expectations

Therefore, as mentioned, when you go on vacation in the Arava, do not expect snowy peaks as the thousands. After all, we remain in the country.
Secondly, it is important to find out a conversation with a Zimmer Is this an open landscape, View of the garden or landscape of the chicken coop or barn roofs and bed and breakfasts or neighbors.
Third: Ask them the direction of the landscape Zimmer: A southern view of the sun and heat means more leverage on the northern front. Western landscape, a romantic guest room located in the western Galilee mean sea view, nice breeze near the sea Zimmer can be less unpleasant consequences like wet sand.

In conclusion

After you ask the right questions for the arrival romantic guest room with a view north or south, you have no choice but to relax on the balcony overlooking the magical Zimmer selected, indulge in a breeze and think pleasant thoughts during all vacation.


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