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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the western Galilee Mitzpe Manot:

Session expect packets in the Western Galilee offers spectacular scenery breathtaking, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, rural environment and green, wine-clear mountain air. Observatory was established 12 km east of Nahariya and looks natural and magical landscape of mountains of Lebanon and the Mediterranean. The movement of the seats in cooperation with the Jewish Agency in 1980 are responsible for establishing observatories program. Its population currently stands at about 360 residents. It is located within the Local Council of Ma'ale Yosef, over the nature reserve distress Kziv stream. community and around the natural forest was a stunning view of the western Galilee. There is no doubt that this is a wonderful place for holidays of all kinds.

If Ahpctam vacation you looking for B & B in romantic, secluded private Zimmer, Zimmer with a view, or a specially equipped, choice of bed and breakfasts packets will give you the perfect answer.
Here you can find a variety of recreational options zimmer, for every taste and every pocket. Most common here is really high quality Guest. Locate top quality Accommodation collected Oberchma provide solutions to a variety of needs. Some bed and breakfasts you will find only the top directory like cabins "a way of happiness." Also, you can choose from a range of Accommodation including B & B in isolated Recommended Hagar Yair "" Cabins in the wild "" dream vacation "" Kelptea, BB spoil as "the shacks of Alina" Facilities with a view, like "estate landscape" and "Shadow Alice "

Lteilnim among you, are offered plenty of sites and attractions near the place, like: Betzet Creek, Castle Yehiam, Monfort Lake Park horses and donkeys Tours Goren, ancient fortress Monfort (or Montfort), river Kziv, various parks Galilee Mitzpe flowers beehives packet itself, theme parks and more.

Travel enthusiasts to the "fabric" is highly recommended to go walking in the area, especially during bloom. In fact, in most seasons in the Western Galilee region can enjoy the paradise of the Mediterranean vegetation and diverse. On the banks of streams and ridges mixed vegetation grew close very varied - Grove Sea - Mediterranean like oak trees, arbutus trees noble Youth (bay leaves); Flora streams: Raspberry saint, oleander, impressive plane trees, various ferns. But in times of bluebells can be found flowering purple hairy and Lotem.

Particularly fascinating diversity of Monfort Fortress (or Montfort). Plants break stone fortress of the slits: crater - a large lion with a big red rash; Damascene bluebells bloom pink; wormwood warbler (Shiva) the amazing flower beauty - Mshuia bell.

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