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Accommodation in the north are located in the western Galilee town honeysuckle;

Honeysuckle seat is located four miles south east of Rosh Hanikra one mile west of Kibbutz Eilon. Height about 170 m above sea view it is ready view of the sea, the coast fail. The name of the seat given to him by the fact that he is surrounded by natural forests. So this is the ideal place to stay in those high-end pampering Sabm BB you can see the sunrise and sunset each day - from the pool. The Moshav Yaara Ahakimanu immigrants from North Africa in 1950.

Police standing nearby settlement founded by Honeysuckle British North Road as part of defense against the Arab Revolt in 1939 to 1936. However, One of the attractions that are near the settlement is the Tiger Cave - Cave stalactites.

Three levels were found in the cave, only the lower level continues, even in recent years, the process of formation of icicles. In fact this is a long process of years in which water enters the cave through the cracks in the ceiling and created icicles. You can visit the cave and get organized in coordination with appropriate lighting. For which there are those who argue that to less than seventy years ago she turned in a tiger.

Wanting to go to Zimmer and the pool are invited to stroll trust Mpnkeym seek settlement from the Byzantine ancient remains indicate that many years ago, people chose to settle there.

Honeysuckle in the Bedouin families living in the tribe "to - Aramshah" Scarko the lives of local residents living with them warmth and closeness relations. Three hundred and fifty community residents engaged in agriculture, including increased privacy, poultry farms and tourism.


Guide "summit" pleased to introduce the community Yaara Guest romantic, and upscale with a pool BB couples only meet for "Accommodation between sunrise and sunset."

The huts are built of natural wood, including host treats: ceramics, espresso machine, plasma 42 inch YES broadcasts connected home theater system, wet sauna and Jacuzzi. One of the highlights beauty of these luxurious cabins is undoubtedly made of thin, private terrace with heated pool personal tanning beds and sitting areas are all wood chairs and tables covered and stood exactly in the seam of the mountainside, right between heaven and earth.

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