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Carmel Beach

Caramel Coastal Plain is the most beautiful parts of central Israel. Caramel Beach is the northern coastal part, from the top of Caramel in the north to the south alligator river.

Caramel Beach is divided lengthwise by three limestone ridges that were created at different times as a result of withdrawal of the sea invasion beach area. Valleys between the ridges are Purim. These valleys cross the stream width, for the most part failed rivers (River Caves, Pine Creek, etc.).

East plain accumulation of clay soil, drainage conditions and very little hard bare rock. West, parallel ridges in the beach. Ridges on many sites were established in ancient Jewish community.

Caramel Beach area was a strategic area with a crossroads is very important, in ancient times. Last road along the coast, the Roman road passing the ridges and through the Wadi Milek led from the coastal plain Megiddo. Important sea ports along the coast were built in different periods (Caesarea, Dor, Atlit). Ahfrihistorit were already in active life in the region, as seen in humans in caves on the slopes of Mount Caramel. During the kings of Israel were in two large centers: in the city Caesarea generations. Jewish life in the area stopped in the seventh century AD. During the Muslim Ottomans were scattered in many Arab villages: Sarafand (pure), a strong eye 'to the (Ein Ayala), Aigazi (Kerem Maharal), Kafr Lam (builders), Jaba (Geva Caramel). During War of Independence, these villages were emptied of their inhabitants abandoned altogether. with the great wave of settlement of 1949 settlements were established in most of the Caramel Beach.

Caramel Coast Regional Council is situated between the slopes of Mount Caramel and the Mediterranean. Name represents the geographic location. The Council is bordered north Tirat Caramel in Haifa, Binyamina, south and east of Hadera, Pardes Hanna - Megiddo regional councils Karkur Aloni.

Its jurisdictional area about 190 thousand acres. Which part belongs to the Caramel Park. The area includes the beach, which currently apply in building and development restrictions. Population has about 21 thousand inhabitants living in 23 communities.

Tourism - Accommodation constructed or do many prestigious endorsement or romantic beauty of the area at the increasing demand for active vacations in it.

Urban / community: Caesarea, Atlit.

Seating: Beit Hanania, Geva Caramel, generation, builders, Kerem Maharal, clothes, Nir Etzion Ofer Ein Ayala, pure.

Kibbutzim: Beit Oren, oarsmen, Ma'agan Michael, a deer, Neve Yam, tidal waves, Ein Caramel, Sea fields.

Others: It also lies within its geographical localities Council of Zichron Yaacov, a whole village, Ein Hod Artists' Village and other communities.

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