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E.g., 18-07-2019
E.g., 18-07-2019

HaPisga Guide website regulations

1. The HaPisga Guide website (hereinafter – "The Website") is hereby a website offering Internet surfers information and standards, as well as additional information in various fields (hereinafter – "The Services"). The service offered by the website is subject to and conditional upon the agreement of said website users to this agreement. Use of The Website indicates the user's agreement to these conditions. The terms of use for this website are expressed in the masculine gender for reasons of convenience only, and refer to both male and female as one.

2. In this agreement, the following items and terms will be referred to as "The Information": all material and/or details presented In The Website via any form of media, including text, photographs, drawings, sketches and listings, and including the manner of design of any or all of the above.

"The Website" – The HaPisga Guide website. "The user" – any individual and/or group and/or authority that enters the website.

Terms of use of information

3. It is hereby clarified that the right to utilize The Information is solely that of the user, and that the user is not authorized to permit the use of The Information in any manner, either for recompense or free of charge, by any third parties.

4. The user is obligated to utilize The Information and services of The Website in accordance with all requirements by law and subject to instructions and provisions in the website.

5. The user is obligated not to openly publish The Information nor any portion thereof, except under conditions detailed in The Website. The user is hereby obligated not to openly publish any product and/or information output, whether printed as a sketch or report, as a file on a magnetic disc or mechanism or in any other manner; further, the aforesaid product and/or information output, or any portion thereof, may not be duplicated, replicated, photocopied, copied or printed for distribution or publication of any kind. In addition, the user is hereby obligated not to permit, either directly or indirectly, and either for recompense or free of charge, any or all of the actions detailed above.

6. Any replication, distribution, delivery, broadcast or publication of the information stored in The Website, if not explicitly permitted, is strictly forbidden, unless agreement is issued by The Website in advance and in writing (to obtain permission, one may contact The Website staff).

7. The Information will not be utilized for profit or other commercial objectives and will not be stored in other websites on the Internet.

8. Neither changes nor editing nor processing of any kind regarding The Information may be implemented.

9. The user is obligated to strictly guard The Information, and to take any and all means of precaution necessary to prevent its loss to, or access by any other party.

Terms of use of forums and/or the addition of comments and/or notifications in The Website

10. The Website enables the user to participate in forums in various subjects, as determined from time to time by The Website (hereinafter – "The Forums"), and in general, to add comments and/or notifications, as well as to view comments and/or notifications submitted by other users (hereinafter – "The Notifications"). For proper operation of forum options, and in order to send notifications to the user's email address during updates, the Website will make use of cookies, which will be forwarded to the user's browser.

11. The user is aware that, although The Website will do all it can to check the reliability of notifications in the forum, these notifications are neither supplied nor edited by The Website and are presented in the forums as is; The Website will not assume any responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, unsuitability or any direct or indirect damage as a result of viewing and/or use of the forums and/or of the notifications, including notifications that are published by forum management.

12. The user will assure that the notifications submitted by him will not violate any instructions by law and/or will not include any harmful material that violates the rights to possession of others and/or any pornographic or lewd material and/or any illegal material and/or material that may encourage, support, assist or provide instructions for action or identify with the actions constituting a felony by law of the State of Israel and/or any material that violates judicial law and/or hinders the security of the State and/or violates the laws of censorship and/or any material that constitutes slander or libel of any other party and/or violates the privacy thereof and/or any material forbidden for publication by law and/or any material that may mislead the consumer, as laid down in the Law of Consumer Protection of 1981, or any other law.

13. The user is obligated to compensate and/or indemnify The Website for any expense and/or damage as a result of violation of this agreement and/or violation of the rights of any third party due to publication of his notifications.

14. The user is aware that if an unreliable notification requires it, The Website is authorized to delete and/or remove all or a portion of any material and/or information from the forums, according to their sole consideration, subject to The Website agreement, without providing any prior notice to the user. The Website is authorized to cease the activities of a user in the forums according to its own considerations, and without having to provide explanations or advance notice, if the user has violated the rules of decency.

15. It is hereby clarified that The Website is authorized to take any and all means at its disposal by law against a user who has violated these regulations, and to forward the user's details to any individual that may suffer from publication of the notification.

16. The Website is authorized to cease forum activities with no prior notice; the user will have no claim against The Website in this regard.

Limited responsibility

17. Services are offered to the user as is; The Website will bear no responsibility in their suitability to the needs and/or objectives of the user.

18. A variety of information will be published in The Website, including articles, notices, maps, tables and various details. This information is provided as a service to users only and it may be updated from time to time. The Website is not responsible for the content of this information, nor for any use that may be made with it. Before relying on any of the aforesaid information, it is recommended to perform an independent investigation of the information.

19. Information of an economic nature may also be published in The Website. If you wish to use this information, you must check and verify it before use. The Website will bear no responsibility for errors in The Information and their publication does not represent any recommendation and/or option of The Website; any reliability on The Information is the sole responsibility of the user.

20. The user hereby declares that he is aware that The Website is not responsible for any use made either directly or indirectly, of its services; the user bears full and sole responsibility for any use he may make of the services offered by The Website.

21. The user hereby declares that he is aware that although The Website operates as much as possible to ensure that The Information will be as correct and accurate as possible, errors and/or inaccuracies and/or defects may occur in The Information and/or in the manner in which it is passed on to the user.

22. The Information published in The Website as well as the advertisements presented therein, enable contact/linking to other Internet websites. The Website is not responsible in any way for the content of The Information presented in these websites and is unable to judge its reliability or quality. Any use of information in these websites will be the sole responsibility of the user.

23. The Information published in The Website will also include information published in The Website by its users. The Website is not responsible for information and/or opinions published by these users and do not constitute the opinions of The Website. The Website will bear no responsibility for information, notifications or suggestions that may be published in The Website by users, nor for any result due to use of this information.

24. The Website is not obligated to ensure that information in The Website is properly and continuously provided, is free from tampering, free of errors or from damage, problems, failures or complications.

25. The Website, including management and all employees, are in no way responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by a user and/or any third party due to use of information and/or content and./or due to cancellation and/or cessation of services, including complications and/or deficiencies in the forwarding of information, whether intentionally caused by a third party or by any other mishap.

Protection of privacy

26. It is possible that in order to obtain certain services (hereinafter – "The Services"), registration will be required. In the course of this registration, users will be required to fill out a membership form, according to the instructions appearing in it.

27. The details forwarded by users, as well as additional information accumulated from them will be stored in The Website's database and will be used subject to instructions by law.

28. Note to all users – you are not obliged to provide any details to the company, but at the same time, receipt of additional services may not be possible without providing details stated in the obligatory fields in the membership form.

29. The Website is authorized to make use of details provided by users on the date of their registration for services, and/or that may accumulate during use of The Website, in order to make contact with the suers and to update them on Website services and/or regarding additional services offered by The Website or by others with whom The Website may be in contact. In addition, The Website is authorized to make use of the above details for marketing purposes and/or as a portion of statistical details stored by The Website for personal use and/or as a portion of details forwarded to a third party, subject to The Information not identifying the user by name or personal details.

Intellectual property

30. The user hereby declares that he is aware that copyrights, rights on patents, commercial secrets, rights of ownership and/or use of information including distribution rights and any other intellectual property of this information belongs to The Website, and that the user has no rights of any kind to this information, and that the use of this information is solely for the personal needs of the user.

31. Different portions of The Information, as well as a portion of the photographs are presented in The Website in accordance with agreements between The Website and any third parties. Copyrights for these contents and/or photographs belong to the third parties, who have permitted The Website to make use of them. It is forbidden to copy, replicate, distribute, market, use or forward this information and/or photographs to others and/or to make commercial or non-commercial use of them, without receipt of clear permission in advance and in writing, from The Website.

Cessation of contact

32. The Website is authorized to immediately block its services if the user makes use of these services in opposition to requirements by law and/or to instructions in this agreement or for any other logical reason.

33. In order to remove all doubts, it is hereby clarified that a cessation of contact between the two sides will not diminish from any of the aforesaid obligations of the user in this agreement.

Additional terms

34. The Website maintains its right to change instructions and terms of use from time to time, in sole accordance with its considerations. Any change will obligate the participants from the moment of its publication in The Website.

35. It is hereby clarified that The Website is obligated only to the details of this agreement.

36. The exclusive location for judgment in any matter related to The Website's services will be the authorized Courthouse in Nazareth, which will deliberate in these matters in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.