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Romantic log cabins

Accommodation - romantic log cabins

More than a decade ago, Achsahcimerym first began to decorate the Golan Heights and Galilee, when you thought the holiday Zimmer romantic - it was obvious: B & B tree! It happened that just were not many choices. It was only the beginning of an era and had no bed and breakfasts and beyond ads, and more importantly - a selection of Accommodation types. So it was that the default was B & B built of wood, although a tree, if you think about it Well, is not the most natural construction material and the climate of our country.

Types of log cabins
Romantic log cabins on all types: from Kits to the self-construction of huge and heavy, Guest blogs began to decorate the most pastoral areas of northern Israel. Accommodation with balcony, without balcony, watching the stream or forest green are spread all is good, like mushrooms after rain.

Demand: romantic log cabins
Demand of the holiday crowd in romantic wooden cabins just grew and what wonder? Romantic wooden hut resort was "deal " it's like to vacation abroad, prices of land and within driving distance of three hours from home .. A real bargain.
Therefore, as Zimmer was able to give himself the appearance of a Swiss cottage that is a success Ahcimerastem audience, with a little help from his friends: imaginative, a little cash and a little help weather (cool in most seasons in the Upper Galilee) gave him exactly what he wanted: a cheap illusion Accommodation Vacation ultimate in quality ... pastoral landscapes of Switzerland.

Accommodation in log cabins - like China mortise

Since then, the trend of the romantic log cabins was perfected, B & B tree sprang up like mushrooms after the rain across the country and we can not deny the fact that the more we got used to it so that when they say we 'B "You can not help thinking of the hut-style cottage of Hansel and Gretel, is placed in the forest Keck's "and, somewhere in the Upper Galilee.

Romantic log cabins - Today

Much water has flowed in Jordan, since the new mods grew up market bed and breakfasts new trends but surprisingly, the trend of the romantic log cabins had not disappeared. Today, romantic log cabins much more elaborate, complex built by specialized companies that specialize in building wood is fulfilling fantasies Asokne hosted.

Romantic wood cabin built at the finish is perfect according to "a dedicated plan to environmentally compatible architectural supervision, the nature of the place where the demands placed.

Romantic wooden cabins come in a variety of sizes (studio cabin, cabin duplex, or additions to the building above the hosts) a variety of colors (Slicht plaster, painting artistic, Hipweim various sea appropriate moisture and keep pests and high schools, etc.)
Typically, the cabins inside and out under cover of hooded quality, with special parquet floor, a variety of sources and a sloping roof shapes and colors and have a balcony or pergola landscape characteristic staring mountainside or just hosting a luxurious hammock swinging a breeze.

Rustic furniture completes the picture: a romantic wooden cabin seating fit romantic, Victorian bedding various articulate, which are also manufactured various types of solid wood, local or imported oak pine birch and beech maple, cherry and more ...

In conclusion: If you wanted to feel like before, to experience something different, a day or two Wild West or the forests of Europe two centuries ago, try this romantic holiday tree huts

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