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About Zimmer in northern Israel are located in the Upper Galilee town of Safed;

Safed is seen an important tourism resort in the Upper Galilee. Caressing the pleasant weather during the summer, Old City, Safed Accommodation transmit the experience of Jewish heritage place, B & B overlooking Kiryat artists surrounding landscapes of Galilee, are among the main factors attracting many tourists into the area. Safed's being targeted at an important historical and coastal cities and destinations in the Upper Galilee to the Lake Kinneret has contributed toward the center of town.

In recent years, considerable movement of recreation and tourism awake when she answered the region the center of tourist interest in the Galilee and as such can be seen in the flow of resources to foster tourist attractions within its options: Accommodation and luxury hotels in Safed. The active six hotels and 250 BB in Safed, including some very prestigious, and many that offer affordable prices.

Safed's name a number of interpretations. I - Safed language of "View" - as she watches her height on the mountains, all around her, she remembers the first time called "sofa" list of cities created by Josephus for the revolt against the Romans (first century CE). The second - an acronym - "A deer - glory - the glory."

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