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המלצה על Bigtime
shelley 14
Pure Indulgence!
We  loved our two days  here and felt so pampered with the accommodations and attention to detail for our every comfort.  First of all, it is clear that the beauty of the  facilities  made a big impression for those of us who appreciate aesthetics.  The grounds, pool, landscaping, cabin, and dining room were lovely and very tastefully furnished.  Breakfast was delicious and  plentiful, as well as all the extra food provided in the room.  We ordered massages and were delighted with the professionalism and convenience  of  it.  The bed, jacuzzi, lighting,  air conditioning  made for a most restful and  relaxing experience.  The icing on the cake though was the special rapport with which Yael and Dani  treated us.  We came away feeling  like this was a  place  that we would gladly return and that we would be given that extra touch to feel completely well taken care of.
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המלצה על sheket Be'anan - Silence of a cloud
The best!

This is our home away from home.
The zimmer is beautiful and luxurious.
It is as quiet as the name suggests and we are very happy we have found this wonderful zimmer.
We have been here 3 times already and we will definitely come back.
Tastefully decorated, wonderful jaccuzi, friendly service, no complaints whatsoever.

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המלצה על Gad's Estate

This tzimmer is stylish, private, comfortable, and just PERFECT!  If you stay in ONE tzimmer in northern Israel, stay in this one.  The private, heated pool is great for a romantic weekend.  There is a jacuzzi inside, but we didn't touch it as the weather was perfect.

And on top of all that, Gadi and his wife, the hosts are kind, warm, and welcoming!!!  You won't regret it... 

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המלצה על Aladdin Romantic Cave

The most amazing get away in Israel! It was perfectly set up with rugs and candles, and hot jacuzzi for the ideal romantic night away. the vie is spectacular- worth it to come earlier and enjoy the garden ! The staff here are the sweetest and amazing !I would recoomned for anyone looking for an amazing wonderful unqie get away in isarel!

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Forum BB "summit" - the industry's leading forum.

Vacationers who want to go on vacation or looking for luxury Accommodation particular quality often encountered with a sense that "who to trust."
Many Web sites offer zimmer "recommended" system by which appropriate standards are supposedly high-quality vacation. Vacationers often experience distress when it turns out the principles of the "kit" flexible, recommendations are given much to pay, resulting in a BB who do not meet basic standards service.

Guide to the summit took this into account, and to his guests feel comfortable with his recommendations, attaches the users reviews for B & B luxury at face value that appears in the directory. Although strict summit reviews (we get only B & B guide one of every eight owners who turn to BB), we decided strategically to use your daily reviews, surfers, in order to ensure that all B & B which is located in a prestigious site does meet the strict criteria we set - over time .

The Forum was established long ago, has amassed tens of thousands of messages surfers who rated BB according to fixed parameters of the experience:

  • Technology Vabsoar
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Cost / benefit
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  • Personal attention.
  • Treats honors
  • Grade which is awarded each parameter weighted general average mark, which is added to the average ranking of Zimmer by users in three months. Weight can also be the amount Mdregym. Page "Featured Guest" We collected for you the luxury Accommodation them, and those who were romantic Accommodation Surfers Score particularly high.
    Committed to a summit each message verbatim, provided that the writer had stayed factory recommended by the guide during the 30 days preceding the forum fame. Add a message after the register will be short. When you edit the message can be added to the opinion of the B & B with a form containing a number of parameters they will be asked to score. You can also use free language to describe the experience itself.

    Due to the overwhelming weight of ranking the users messages and the status of unit accommodation, it is urging users to act judiciously, and refrain from grades Notifications extreme nature, positive or negative. Zimmer receives user ratings lower than 8.0. For six months will be removed from the site.

    These principles have become the BB Forum "summit" the leading forum in BB, with weight given topic in detail and reliability in their ranking of these messages becomes a powerful tool looking up the user service quality luxury B & B recommendations for users who received the same.

    Join the forum principles principles for the site about new Accommodation:

  • Accommodation for couples, not families.
  • Sense of maximum privacy in Zimmer.
  • Finishing, Absoar high maintenance.
  • Hosts courteous, professional and available.
  • Jacuzzi and a spacious double, orthopedic mattress.
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    We hope that this system provides a reliable and realistic picture of all the prestigious Romantic Accommodation recommended site.

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